Astral Projection

By Forest Breath

The first thing you have to be able to do is project. If you try soul transference without projecting, you are risking possession and that can get nasty. This is what I so. It works for me. You can try it, tweek it a little here and there and find what works for you. I have not had the pleasure of talking to a lot of others that project so I am not sure how everyone does it, but I would assume that it is like everything else…different for everyone and experience through practice is the key.

Relax your body. This is important. If you are hesitant, scared, reluctant, any of these, it will not work. Nothing is going to happen to your body while you are out, like dying or something…so relax. You must relax physically and mentally. A long hot bath, a little wine (little being the key word there), a nap, even sex (masturbation will work) will relax the body. Then relax the mind. Focus, visualize on something very uncomplicated. An empty room, solid colored chair, darkness, whatever you can visualize and concentrate on to relax your mind. I have a cave I love to visit up in the Wilderness Area and I go there when I am relaxing my mind.

You know that feeling you get when you are about the fall asleep? You are still aware but you know it is merely seconds before you are off to dream land? That is what you want to accomplish. Get to this state…and just getting to this state and still being aware enough to do what you need to do will take practice for beginners so…don’t get frustrated. Just keep practicing days, weeks, maybe even months. If you find yourself falling asleep before you are able to do anything, then there is a "cure" for that. LOL Somewhere I read long ago that you could do this and so I did and it works. While you are laying on the bed, raise your arm to the elbow, just bend it up into the air and leave the upper arm still on the bed. Hold it there and if you start falling asleep, your arm will fall and wake you up. (sounds crazy but it does work)

Remember that thing you were concentrating on? The room, cave, chair, whatever. Eventually, after you have reached this state, other objects will start coming into the picture. Colors, animals, balloons, whatever. Let them come in and just watch them. So not try to communicate with them, just watch in silence. If it is something you fear, mentally ask it to leave. It usually does.

Keep you eyes closed and slowly allow the picture in front of you to fade into blackness. Let this happen slowly and naturally. There may be some weird gray patterns show up or even a line of color here or there, but focus on the blackness.

When you have been able to focus totally on the blackness and there is nothing but blackness you are entering the next phase. This is where you will begin to lose the ability to feel your body. You won’t feel anything and you kind of become your soul, not your host. At this point it is just you and your mind. This is where you will begin to leave your body.

This is where you will kinda be going out on your own. I say this because I feel up until this point each person will experience very similar things. I have not been able to discuss with many AP-ers their experience beyond this point. So I will give my experience and hopefully you all will eventually share yours. I can feel body shaking a little when I begin to leave. I feel this with my soul though, not my body. That is hard to explain, but if you get to that point you may know what I am talking about. There has been several times that I was awakened fully at this state and it is a very difficult state to work through and trust me….will take a LOT of practice. I was awakened once when my charm bracelet kind of wiggled against my wrist when I started shaking. One time the waist of my jeans got like a little twisted or something and became very uncomfortable. I don’t wear anything now. I remove every single thing on me and lay flat on my bed with a cloth/quilt thing I made just for projecting, over me.

I remind myself that from this point on I will remember everything I experienced while out. (I keep a journal by my bed to write the experiences down in when I return) I tell myself this over and over. My breathing is normal and slow. I begin to slowly leave my body. I concentrate on an area right in front of me, just outside of my body, inches away. I reach that point and then focus on another a little further away. There are always little things like and electrical field or something right ahead of me. I focus on those and bring them to me, which in turn is actually taking me to them. Can’t explain this too good…sorry.

You can begin to set this "electrical field" to any distance you desire. When all the way out I envision my cord attached from the "now" me to the electrical fields and my body. Each time I reach one of the electrical fields, I envision the electrical pulses going through the cord and into my body laying on the bed.

At this point I am usually just right outside, like you could barely slip a piece of paper between me and my body. FOCUS on leaving the body. Remind yourself the cord if there, your goal is to travel as far as you can. The very first thing I do when I know I am out is look at my hand. I then reach out my hand and touch something in the room. If I feel it and cannot put my hand through it, then I am not far enough into my "state" to fully project. I go back in my body and concentrate again…go through it again and try again. When I am able to put my hand through and object…I know I am ready for travel….I am out.

It helps to visualize yourself as a soul and not a body leaving a body. If you do this you will feel too heavy to leave. You have to be light.

When you are able to reach this point, then the worlds and beyond are open to you. PLEASE do not feel frustrated if you cannot reach this state right away. It takes some people years to get there. I almost always spend time with my guide when I am out. Prior to leaving, as I am beginning to relax, I speak with him and we have a designated place to meet. I meet him there and we just go places together. The longest distance I have went is to the wilderness area where me and my guide like to hang out, where we use to hang out and meet each other a few hundred years ago. Once, I tried to cross states and check on someone I care deeply for. It was tiring actually and when I was almost there he (my guide) advised against it. He said I would not be able to accept what I would find when I got there and he was afraid it would disturb me so much I would not want to go back in. So I abandoned the idea and went no further. I feel like I probably could have gotten there though, so I guess there is no limits as to where you can go when you are out. I once had this idea that I was going to go check out Hell to see if it really existed. I made big plans and again he advised against it. He basically said I had seen it…so why go searching. (he’s weird like that).

But anyway….this took a little longer than I had planned. I have to go to work in a little while and will write the one for tranference later tonight and get it to everyone. I will however get it written up soon.

Hope this is helpful to someone. If I was unclear about something or left you confused, don’t hesitate to ask me to clear it up. I am not the most articulate person around.

Forest Breath

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