Personal musings on the Afterlife

Death, we all die. That is simple a part of life in which there is no true escape. But what happens in death? What becomes of the soul? One may not truly know or understand until it your own time to enter the great beyond.

Here is my version, at least as I currently have it laid out in my mind. As this is the first time I've actually written it out and placed all the pieces together you may have to excuse any vague points or inconsistencies that may arise. This is a work in progress...

At death, regardless of means of your demise, the dark priest (or one of his children) comes and collects your soul and takes you to stand before the Seven Judges. The judges will then decide your fate based upon the actions that occurred within your life, the means of your death, and your personal deity.

Should you be unfit in faith to pass on to the next life you fate is varied based upon certain aspects of your life which can more or less be found in the story "Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the nether world" (HERE). The fate of most that find themselves residing in the Great Queens realms lead a rather drab and unhappy life, only those who died at birth are given rights and are treated greater then kings.

Assuming you made it passed the first seat of judges and if you lived a good life and remained true to yourself and your faith then the judges may see fit to send you away to the afterworlds of your deity. Then once again you will stand in judgement, based upon your station in life in accordance with the doctrines of that particular faith. Should you have been a great man (or good woman) then you will be placed in high regard with the second set of judges and be given precedence, and prestige. They may find you fitting to sit among the judges, they may find you unworthy and send you packing. But normally by my guesswork you are given a new life in the afterworld...which is very much like our own.

If you are given rank within the afterworld of your god you may find your way into that faiths mythology. Much like Ningishzidda was once a mortal man, who upon entering the neitherword was judged and given rank as a gatekeeper, or like Gilgamesh who was a proud and great warrior, who now resides in the underworld as one of the Great Judges of man.

Should you be cast out, you may find yourself wandering the mortal realm as a ghost, or poltergeist. You may find yourself sent to the Great Lords Realm to wander in torment, eating clay for food and drinking dust for water...mindless and numb. There is a slim chance you may be sent back to the physical world (here) for a second chance... though I fear this is rare indeed.

Most however pass through the first set of judges, and get a fair judgement from the second. These people, in essence become the countless angels and/or demons of their god. Living out their eternity in the astral like realms their deity has created. Those that are given this life may petition to live once again as a mortal so they can take their chances with the judges once again...

At least, this is how I see things, based upon the things I've read thus far and have been greatly biased as to my personal preferences. I can not claim this to be the true version of what happens in death, but I can say it's how I currently believe, at least more or less. I've left things out, of it to keep it short (can ya tell) but I think you can get the gist of things as seen through my eyes. I believe in MANY worlds, both physical and 'astral'. I also believe that each deity has either their own realm, or they share it with other life minded gods. Ultimately it is faith and understanding of the self that decides the fate of a man...but it is the Great Judges that determine how well you have judged yourself.
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