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How to make a book safe

Years ago when I first got into the occult I got the crazy nothing that certain levels of paranoia may actually be a good thing. With that, I figured having a few places to hide things would be in my best interest. One day while looking for bargains at Good Will I happened across a book that sounded quasi-magickal and the gears in my feeble mind started turning.

Since then I've hardly used my nifty little invention, but I have used it... and now I am passing down the instruction to you in case you have something super secretive that you feel needs hiding. I hope you enjoy it.

Step one:
Head out to your local used bookstore and find a title that'll accent your magickal library. The book need not be magickal, only sound like it is.
Step two:
Cut the innards out of the book with a razor blade. Personally I was cutting out 2 and three pages at a time. Be careful in not cutting your fingers off.
Step three:
Glue the pages together with glue (wood glue would likely be best, but I used Elmers white glue). Try not to let the glue seep over onto the edges of the pages.
Step four:
Place secret objects in your book (a small handgun actually fits in mine...) then put the book up on your shelf for safe keeping!

It's important that you keep your book a SECRET unlike I have in publicly showing off my work. In the past I have used mine to house crystals I was trying to keep out of the sun for a week, and have placed hairs of people I knew in it so that they would not be found while they were at my house. You can use yours any way you find fitting, but remember don't let people know or you might as well display whats hidden in a class case on the coffee table.

Its also likely a good idea to see if the book you found at the thrift store is not worth something, which is something I did not do, and something I most certainly should have thought of. The book I used I got for 35 cents and it turns out is worth closer to 35 dollars... but I'm still happy with my choice.
Here are a few possible books you could use from Ebay:

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