The SAINT ETIC Project:

I'm getting closer and closer each day to actually Evoking an entity. I still have a few reservations so am asking the more experienced magickians here to lend me your hands.

As I picked up Sigilization with relative ease I thought that entity should be more geared towards the more advanced aspects of Magick such as Evokation though I do not think that any aspect of Magick should really be left out when charging the fellow. Besides, I ASSUME that if you are prepping for Evokation you've already got Sigils down.

I want to get an Egregor created that will not mind so much that the Evokation has gone wrong. One that will assist the Neophyte in doing things better (even correctly) the next time. Someone who can give a few pointers to the Novice as well as the experienced. An Entity that can even assist the more advanced to find new ways of doing things within the Field of Chaos Magick. A super-friendly fellow that wants to help advance the magician in all aspects of the art.

As I'm not ready to Evoke yet I think I'd have a hard time making an entity on my own, but as I said I have a bit of experience with Sigils so I think I can get him started and/or help power him up.

I wrote most of this in the middle of last week when I first had the thought. It was not till this morning that I actually decided to share. As I've had some pretty good luck thus far and the fact that I dreamt of Squirrels last night I thought it time to pass along my intent. So I'm sorry if this is a bit I've added bit here and there.

My Aims for Saint Etic...

To help you become a better overall magickian by helping one find the best paradigm for the moment as well as the better path for oneself in the long run.

While my personal goal is to advance into more Ceremonial aspects of magick to get there I have chosen to embrace Chaos. Eventually I will likely take on the battle of creating my own Paradigm. I plan on using Saint Etic in my planning, development and research. As I will likely NOT embrace another path (GD/Thelema) my ending system will likely be a specialized version of Chaos.

My Goal in powering up the sigil personally was a bit off from the norm as I wanted to continue to give it power until it gained enough to evolve upon it's own into a servitor. In doing it this way I also figured it would give me ample time to find new ways to power the little fella so that those that use him will not have to worry about any draining effects.

I took the liberty of powering up a sigil for him Saturday the 8th (2005) and since have found 4 pages in google about Evokation (my personal goal) while looking up unrelated material. (Ex: I found a page on Demon Evokation looking up info on Greek Talismans...neither greek or talisman were mentioned on the page).

NAME: Saint Etic, the Patron Saint of the Novice Magickian

(A Servitor for Abecedarian Instruction and Neophyte Training in EveryThing Involved with Chaos (magic))

Main Entry: Etic

Pronunciation: 'e-tik
Function: adjective
Etymology: phonetic
: of, relating to, or having linguistic or behavioral characteristics considered without regard to their structural significance --

ST. Etic's preferences:

Color: Purple (based on Rin's 'spell creation' thread)

Day of the Week: Saturday

Lunar Cycle: Waxing (secondary NEW)

Animal Aspects:

Squirrel - The squirrel encourages you to develop the ability to plan ahead and to anticipate your future needs, to be prepared. To 'Gather' the necessary knowledge to work on your own!

What he should enjoy helping with:

Chaos Magick - Theory & Practice in all aspects

Evocation - at both the novice and more advanced levels

Sigilization - Helping to place the letters in order as well as new ways to empower one.

Servitors - General help with empowerment, creation, etc...

SpellCraft - As Chaos empraces many paths as one he will assist in general spellcraft such as Love and money spells, and the like...

To make his Sigil I formulated the lettering as Such:

Saint Etic (as the Anagram) PLUS Squirrel (<- As a representation of the Gathering aspect)

I deleted all of the Duplicate Letters from each side as well as the Vowels to get


I then placed them into a Sigil that looked rather like a Squirrel itself (Didn't feel like doing just a series of lines *shrug*) to get something that looked a bit like this:


Granted, the one I have on paper looks a lot better then what I could ever do in paint so I apologize fer it's elementary appearance.

Since I've had some luck (or coincidence) I figured I'd share it for further empowerment by you guys should you desire his help. Personally I am not ready to Summon him...but I do plan on continuing the empowerment of his sigil. If he becomes a reality before I am ready so much the better as long as his initial intent is not altered.

A few preferences...

Ultimately I would prefer some type of external powering for him so that he does not drain the neophyte

He should be Nice as well as Understanding of the Novice. Patience should be one of his key virtues, as he'll inevitably be dealing with idiots just getting into the art.

He'd be better off knowing the mass amounts of Knowledge that can be found throughout the net and in the various books that discuss Chaos Magic. While he might not know it all, he should be able to at least help point the practitioner in the correct direction (like me finding that Evocation page). He'll be here to help both the novice and the more advanced so the more info he can assist with the better.

He should be EASILY Evoked. The first few times I try Evocation I don't necessarily think I'll fail I don't think I'll actually do it perfectly...Saint Etic should not mind a flaw or three when summoned.

I think that's about the jist of least from my perspective...I'll keep this page updated on his progress and progression. For now though feel free to use his Sigil to help you advance as a magician!

For more information and discussion on Saint Etic please check out the Occult Corpus thread: The SAINT ETIC project

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