Mind Control

Mind Control

In order to work with magic one must first be able to master the physical self. To do this a few exercises that are listed below may help:

 - Try each for 5 minute a day, when this becomes simple increase it 
to 10, 15, 20...the longer the better, though at least 15 minutes
should be your goal. Once you have mastered one, move to the next.

* Motionlessness
Place you body in a comfortable position and thy to not blink, move
any limbs (including tongue & eyes). When doing this also keep your
mind 'still'. Do not let any thought linger more then a second or
two. If your mind fixates on something, fixate on something else then
clear that thought.

* Breathing
Use the "cleansing breath" technique to try to increase your lung
capacity without undue muscular strain. Practice this in conjunction
with Motionlessness.

* Not-Thinking
Unlike motionless this one can prove be extremely difficult to
accomplish. You mind moves at a million miles per hour and your goal
in this exercise is to make it stop. At first you might only get a
few seconds, your goal of course is 15 minutes.

- Ultimately you should be able to maintain these for hours, but that
is unrealistic for the general practitioner. If you can maintain 15
minutes you should be good to go...at least for the basics. Once you
can reach 15 minutes try the Trance Practices below.

The Magical Trances
Below are thee of the weaker types of trancing. When trying to perform one of
these it is best to pick something with little to no emotional or spiritual
attachments -- meaningless things!

* Object Concentration
Hold an object with a fixed and unwavering gaze, stare at it,
concentrate on it. If the object becomes blurred, or distorts re-fix
your gaze. The object can be unmoving thing, a star, a tack on a
corkboard, a ceiling tile...anything.

* Sound Concentration
This is the same as Object Concentration, but the sound you should
focus on is all in your mind. Think of Yoga and the Aum (om) noise
they make...but not aloud. The ability to block out external noises
will aid you greatly in concentration and mediation (as the dripping
faucet or neighbors dog will not bother you).
- ANY sound will do, AEIOU, Abracadabra, just keep in mind the
restrictions above.

* Image Concentration
Close your eyes and focus on an imaginary image (any basic shape will do... ,,,,,,W,O etc).
If it distorts, refocus (if possible). Once you can do this with your eyes closed for at least
15 minutes try it again with your eyes OPEN (this is WAY harder, but can be done!).

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