Search Engine Divination through Technomancy

I'm sure you have heard of Google, and the phrases that have been generated since the creation of Google...such as "google it" rather then search, or "googling" rather then searching. It's more then just a crazy craze, it's a magickal act, at least in some circles.
It is now my intention to take Googlemancy to new levels by introducting into the realms of Search Engine Optimization by getting the webmasters out there familiar with just what this funny little word means, and how it can effect their web pages. As this type of Divination takes the SERP and gives it a whole new meaning...
If you are familiar with the various aspects of bibliomancy then you’ll likely understand this a bit better and can skip ahead a little bit.

Bibliomancy: Bibliomancy is the art of asking a question with a book (generally the ‘Bible’ or the ‘Complete works of Shakespeare’) in hand, closing your eyes, randomly opening the book and placing your finger on a verse. That verse is supposedly your answer and can be scary accurate depending on your interpretation of the question. Alternatively you can ask your question and then open the book to the 23rd page and read the 5th line, though if you are using that method then all of your answers will be the same unless you are using random books.

Googlemancy: Googlemancy is very similar in the end result though the application is a bit different. Like Bibliomancy you will ask your question, but rather then asking quietly to yourself you type it (or just the query keywords) into the Google search box. Once that is done you click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and your answer is then interpreted from the result of that search query.

Like the alternate method above you can simply hit the regular “Google Search” button and then click though to page twenty-three and use the fifth result from that page to get your answer.

Another alternative would be to use Google Images for your search and then use the first (or twenty-third) image to interpret your answer from.

I suppose that Google News could work as well, or even any of the custom/refined searches that Google offers. Play around with it, test your result, and happy divining!

If you have any questions about Googlemancy then feel free to check out the discussion on Occult Corpus. It can be found here: Googlemancy

Now you can even use Googlemancy by simply typing your word into your Google toolbar!

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