The Black Rabbit of Inle

Beloved of Frith

Those that see the black rabbit are foretold of death, but do not need to die in all cases. The same holds true for the Dark Priest. He is not evil, and his arrival does not, in all cases, mean death, but it *IS* in death that he deals so this misconception is understood and nearly expected.

There is not much to say about him, other then what I have said. This reason is many fold, but mainly because when he does show up most are so filled with fear they beg for their lives rather then converse with him. But there are those that have talked with him, and others that have befriended him. These people are few and far between but do exist.

He is busy, and oft times will allow a loved one of a soon departed to show in his stead to take the individual to the other side. But mostly, those that see loved ones only see them because the deceased know that a friend or family member will soon pass and arrive to assist in the transition. Most of the time the Grim Reaper still show up, but by that time, there are no more words to be said, for it is time.



But when it is time, it will be known, and you will meet the black rabbit, and he will guide you to the Great Lord Frith.

So when it is your time, may you spend your days playing in the Warren of the Great Rabbit and until that time may El-ahrairah guide you on your way.


*wonders where the hell that all came from*

This is more like what I normally would have said...but even then, it's still a bit odd...from me.

Death watches all, he knows you, and he knows the time of your death for it is written with his pages. He is held on harness by those that judge and is only let loose when it is written. Should these bonds break, should the judges no longer do their duty, the gates will be flung wide and havoc unlike anything ever known shall issue forth from the very depths of Kur.

He wears his robes to mask his visage and aura, for those that gaze into his eyes will truly know death for he is beyond death. Those that are embraced by his unending aura are consumed by the eternal darkness and will soon have their fate decreed by the Seven Judges.



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