Sigil Creation:

(v1.0 [4/9/05] Qryztufre)

I've left out a LOT of infomation on I've written it from memory with no open sources...I'll likely get back to it in the future and expand it but for now, this is what you get. It loosely fits in with my Sigil Worksheet that can be found HERE. Additional links can be found at the bottom of this project.


While one could sit around making sigil all day for any reason without cause of effect the most common need arises out of a need, want, or desire for some type of outcome. If you are reading this then chances are you've found a reason to make a sigil and are looking for the HOW so I'll assume that much. The first thing that you'll need to do after realizing that a sigil is needed is to come up with a "Statement of Intent".

The Statement of Intent:

You need to come up with a statement that symbolized your desire and then break it down to it's most basic form. In most instances most seem to have something along the lines of "IT IS MY WILL TO ______" though I generally skip the "it is my will" part of it and just continue on with the rest as of course it is my will or I'd not be doing it...but to each his/her own and more importantly DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! To explain this better I'll break it down with my own statement that has little to do with nothing.

"It is my will to create, charge, and fire my first sigil."

Once you get your statement written out it is then time to simplify it. There are several ways to do this.

* Bastardize the sentence (optional):

-- It is my will to create, charge, and fire my first sigil

-- Tis my wiltu Kreat Charg'en Firmafurst Sigil

I find that by bastardizing the statement it is easier to carry on to simplification as by changing the spelling (while maintaining the basic pronunciation) one can often make the further sets a bit easier...but the bastardization is optional as far as I can tell. It's just what I do.

* Simplification (A) [with Vowels]

-- Tis my wiltu Kreat Charg'en Firmafurst Sigil

-- Tismywltukeatchrgnf

* Simplification (B) [without Vowels]

-- Tis my wiltu Kreat Charg'en Firmafurst Sigil


I'm going to Sigilize the second it uses less letters & hence makes an easier sigil...though I'll often take "A" and create a mantra out of it...but more on Mantra's later.

When placing the letters within the sigil I often find that I can kill two and sometimes three birds with the same proverbial overlapping, slightly misshapen, lower/upper case, cursive, whatever are all fair game.

Making the Sigil:

There are several different ways one can go about creating the sigil. I'll discuss a few of them here as well as give a few links to some of the ones created. I'm going to focus on the alphabet style but I'll link up a few others so you can see what they at least look like.



The most common is the break down of the Statement of Intent.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

As you can see from the above images I took poetic lisence with the forming of many of the letters...but you should see my hand-writing ;)


At on point I wanted to cram as many things into ONE sigil as I could but stopped when I could not figure out more things I wanted LUCK with. While I use a graphic (the clover) I could have done it with out (as in just a drawn version). While I do not recall all of the letters involved within this one you can see the basic outline of it.

Image hosted by

The basics of this sigil is simple: "The best of LUCK in Love, Money, Friendship, Life, and Health. Once it was sigilized I removed some of the bits from it (in order to maintain the graphic in one of the leaves needs a line through it, so does one of the hearts).


This Graphical Sigil's statement of intent consisted of TWO words MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION and that was I was not being picky in what I wanted to be motivated in and I'm always happy for inspiration in most aspects of my life. The two words broke down as follows "MTVNSPR" and after well over an hour of trying to get the letters set up in a way I found pleasing to the eye I just gave up. A bit later I looked over at my notes and saw MTV+S+NPR and I thought of the logo's for the two stations. I used a CABLE to stand in for the S which in this case had the bonus of looking rather like a YIN-YANG. The Happy Face in the center was to represent ME.

Ready? Aim? FIRE!

You've gotten this far? YAY! Do a dance *smirk* it's now time to fire off that sigil of yours. There are MANY MANY MANY ways to go about this. I'll explain a few here...

1) Tantric: Masturbation, the focus of sexual energies aimed and directed at the Sigil (not Pr0n)

2) Meditation: Meditate on the Sigil for an amount of time. (Yoga, Death Pose, Visualization, etc)

4) Emotion: Focus an emotion (laughter/fear/hate) at the sigil till you feel it is "powered".

5) Pain: Flog yourself and focus the pain to power it up.

6) Ritual: Create a ritual so that something else can power it (Elements, a servitor, another entity, etc)

7) Other: Any way you can think of...This is only limited by your imagination.

Forget about it:

This is the hardest part. But after the exercise you will need to leave this up to the "deep mind" or the universe or whomever you want to say. But you cannot dwell on it. If even the merest thought of it enters your mind QUICKLY think of something else.


Now all you should have to do is wait around for it to manifest...but keep in mind that magick is often nothing more then an assist to your everyday actions. If you are wanting cash you may need to get yourself a job as sitting in your room will likely not earn you much of anything.


I hope this helps...and feel free to discuss this, point out flaws, or give me praise. Just keep in mind that I've left this rather simple as there are TOO many ways to do too many things and to include them all here. If you'd like to expand on anything feel free to do that as well...I'll include references and give credit to those that help if and when I expand on this.
As a side note I also have a servitor creation FAQ about a 3rd of the way done...but I'm lazy ;)
Enjoy & happy sigilizing!
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