Spirit Hosting

The art of Soul Transference

By Forest Breath

After practicing projection for awhile, one can delve into experimentation with desired spirits and practice a little "soul transference". Some people believe soul transference is "possession" In my opinion, possession is different in that it occurs when a wandering spirit chooses to enter a host (body, housing) without prior knowledge and consent from the spirit currently using the host. In transference, one spirit (you) makes a willing choice to leave the host for awhile and grant permission for another spirit to enter temporarily. This can be done by allowing a wandering spirit that currently has no host to enter, or transferring your spirit into another host while the spirit in that host is transferred into your host. (Exchanging bodies).

I have been successful in allowing a Guide (Spirit), I have known for several hundred years, use my body as a host as I was AP-ing (Astral Projecting). It was agreed upon prior to my projecting and rules were discussed ahead of time. We had toyed with the idea for years and only a few years ago did we actually begin to practice it and became successful. For the most part, we did it because I wanted to see into his eyes as he looked up at me and he wanted to remember what it was like to be in a host.

We used the same techniques I always use when I project. We usually set a predetermined place for us to meet once I have projected. This time we chose for him to be right there in the room. The agreement was he would go in when I was out and try to touch me. I would remain over the host until he got in and stay there close enough for him to touch me. It took several tried before we were successful. He was able to get in a few times but was unable to move my body in any way. I am not sure if this was because my cord was attached or something. I have yet to explain this. However, he was unable to touch me, move my hand or speak. Then once he was able to open my eyes. I looked at him and knew instantly he was in there. It was the absolute weirdest feeling I have ever experienced. To be above your body and see someone else open your eyes and look at you. We did several more experiments and would discuss prior to projection what he would do, move the left pointing finger, smile, wink, move the right foot, etc. He was still unable to touch me and that was our ultimate goal.

To do this was simple. I would use the technique I mentioned before in projecting (if you have not gotten to read that PM me or follow the link Q so graciously provided). Anyway, have contact with the spirit prior to projecting. A word of warning. The spirit I use has been my guide for almost 30 years. We knew each other prior to my obtaining this host and from what we gather, have known each other for several hundred years at least. We fight, disagree, laugh, cry, cuss and threaten each other, but….we trust each other 100%. (even if he did kill me) But seriously, it is imperative that you do not practice this with a spirit that you are not familiar with and do not trust 100%. You risk possession and the results…well let s just say…..do this at your own risk and don’t blame me if anything goes wrong.

The agreement between us and what works for us is this. I will remain directly above my body, he will have been given specific instructions on what to do when he enters to let me know he is there. I leave, I see him briefly while outside (he looks different in spirit than he does in my avatar), I hang out there until he gets in and then he gives me the signal. We relish in the fact that we accomplished it and he tries to find a way to raise my hand. We cannot seem to get to this point, but we keep trying. He then comes out, we wander off and spend time together where ever we decided to go that time, and then we come back, I go in and I immediately write down the experience in my journal.

Because of experimenting with this for all these years, I firmly believe that not only is projection possible, but so is possession and transference.

Find a spirit you TRUST….literally with your life, and experiment. I will write up how, out of frustration, we talked my partner into projecting and allowing him to enter while in bed beside me. It worked, and I would love to take that even further, but that is not possible at this time. If you have success, please use the board and let everyone know. More later.
Forest Breath