Blood Vampires

- Immortal Vampires (Mythical?)

NOT to be confused with spirits such as the Succubus I did not look anything up on this type of Vampire :( I assumed that most people know at least a bit about them.

- Living Vampires (Sanguinarian/Sanguine or Strigoi Vii)

NOT to be confused with a blood-fetish!

I personally have a hard time believing in such a thing, but it seems that it may be real...that or there are thousands or wannabe's out there that are sucking on each others necks because they think they have some type of vitamin D deficiency.

- Porphyria: (poor-fear-E-a)
An acute medical condition which has been postulated by some scholars to have inspired the vampire myths of the past. Sufferers of porphyria have pale, flaky skin and are very sensitive to sunlight. Their gums often recede excessively, giving their teeth an elongated and possibly fang-like appearance. Porphyria is caused by a deficiency in the enzyme which helps produce heme, a constituent of the blood which helps carry oxygen through the body. Dr. David Dolphin was the first to suggest that porphyria was the inspiration for at least some of the Mediaeval vampire myths, contending that some of the sufferers may have been driven to drinking blood in order to relieve their symptoms. As a result, the condition has come to be known in modern times as "the Vampire Disease". This appellation is very misleading, however, as porphyria only superficially resembles the vampirism of folklore and there is no supporting evidence to Dr. Dolphin's assertion that porphyria sufferers have been driven to drinking blood by their disease.
- Renfield's Syndrome:
"Some attention has been given to a condition named 'Renfield's Syndrome' in psychological literature, based on the fly-eating character Renfield in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Renfield's Syndrome is described as having four stages: a trauma or 'critical incident' in childhood in which the patient discovers that the taste and sight of blood is 'exciting' or attractive; 'autovampirism', the drinking of one's own blood (autohemophagia); 'zoophagia', or the consumption of blood from animals; and finally 'true vampirism', in which the patient must have human blood, and may resort to stealing blood from medical facilities, or serial murder." -- Vyrdolak. (Apologies to Vyrdolak, whose site is the only site I could find with any information regarding this.) So far as I know, this is not an officially recognized mental disorder.

Today's Vampire community is as mixed as the normal occult scene. The groups range from RPG'ers, to those who actually think they are immortal. Most of the groups/hangout's however are pretty mixed, though within the "mix" there are MANY cliques (think Wiccan covens?). Most of the vamps out there have embraced a Gothic Sub-culture, which now seems to be synonymous with the group as a whole.

The Sanguine that practices the Occult can be a VERY powerful adversary or ally and should be watched closely. The 'energies' in blood and blood magic can be very potent and those that practice it can be fatal!

Sorry I did not look up more information on either of these types. If you are interested in learning more I can likely devote an entire lesson on either or both of the above.

Pranic Vampire

- Pranic Vampire [Psychic vampirism]

A Pranic Vampire is someone who feeds off of the 'life energies' of a person rather then blood. Purportedly a real psy-vamp has an energy deficiency, which is compensated via 'feeding' from other sources. The other sources are typically other human life energies (Aura, emotional, or actual LIFE energies) though it is said that they can feed from animals, plants, and even the elements (storms, earth, rivers).

- Psy-vamp (laveyian) [Psychological vampirism]

The typical psy-vamp is not an energy feeder at all rather he/she is nothing more then an attention whore. According to the Satanic Bible these people are some of the lowest forms of life on the planet. They tend to be the people that say "If you love me you'll ___" or who surround themselves with weaker willed individuals inorder to control and manipulate their lackies with "charisma". Many Polititians seem to fall under this definition.

- Psy-leech [Psychic "leech"ism]

A Psy-leech is a normal person (one w/o an energy deficiency) that practices the techniques of a Pranic Vampire in order to 'get high' from the energies of a person, or to increase their own power at the expense of those around them. We are ALL Psy-leeches to one degree or another as with any magic there is a 'pulling of energies' while energy is 'universal' one must keep in mind that we are all part of the universe! A well practiced psy-leech can be dangerous as with some types of this magic (and/or psychic power) the draining of their targets shielding is common (leaving most novice magickians UNPROTECTED for further attacks).


Related terms and interesting tidbits

Psy-blood vampire

These are the living vampires that were discussed at the beginning that also adhere to the practice of psy-leeching. If the person also practices blood magic they can become quite powerful as they are combining some of the most potent of magics as a single path. In most circles of thought, you are either one or the other, which is why I called it leeching and not feeding.

Tantric Vampirism

This is not an actual type of vampirism but rather a type of magic, or an assist in certain ritual. Though, there are SOME that will have sex with another in order to harness the energies released in SEX to increase their own power, or for the EXTREME high these energies can give. This type of Vampirism is a specialized offshoot of the Psy-leech.

Sangomancy: Blood Magic, typically HUMAN blood, though animal/sacrificial blood magic is also common). Many call this Vampyrecrafte.

As an end note I would like to say that while I've been calling everything powerful throughout this I want you to know that likely 75% of all that practice from the above are nothing more then novice wannabe's and can be wiped out with a simple 'evil glare'.

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