Finding a Four Leaf Clover

Finding four-leafed clovers are not all that hard, and below I will try to provide a step by step guide to finding them yourself!

ImageThe first thing that you will need to do of course is to find a fairly nice sized patch of clover. Ideally you'll want a yard (or park) where there are several patches. A good sized patch is roughly five foot (though I've found them alone in the middle of the yard). Once you've found a patch gaze over it to see if any stand out from the get go.

Failing finding one from the start get to know the clovers in front of you. Look at the three-leafed clovers and learn how they grow. Don't bother to really look for the four's at this point! Look at the leaf spacing, the variances in the patterns, how they grow in relation to one another. Touch them, run your fingers through them to separate them and so that you'll be able to see the lower layers of clover. Notice how the little ones look a bit different from the larger ones. See how they spread and how the outer regions are a bit more sparse then the bulk of the center.

Once you have a good feel for how the three-leafed clovers look and feel scan over the patch again, this time looking for the things that don't fit in. I worked in Quality Control for years, and if you've ever done a factory Parts-Sort you should get the idea. Look for the Three-leafed clovers that have the wrong spacing or that have incorrect patterns. You are still not looking for four-leafed clovers at this point. Rather, you are looking for three-leafed clovers that do not match how the rest of them look.

That really should be it... You see, when I find them, I rarely actually look for four-leafed clovers, rather I look for the three-leafed variety that just should not be there. This system does seem to work because the day I wrote this I found 9 (plus a five-leafed clover) within less then an hour. The three-leafed clover with an extra leaf, is after all, a defect! Learn to spot that defect while rummaging through the correct style and you may just start finding lucky-charms yourself.

Important Note:
* The clovers I'm talking about above are WHITE CLOVER. There are several types of clover out there and while the same tips may apply to them I've not had nearly the same luck in finding four-leafed clovers in anything but the White variety. (look at my pics to see if what you found are white clovers).

What the leaves mean:
Keep in mind, that these are for naturally occurring clovers with the corresponding number. Be careful that you are not picking one with leaves that have fallen off or that have been eaten or pulled.

02: To Find A Lover
03: Trefoil, protection (charm)
04: LUCK!
05: Bringing in money

I've found clovers with 6, 7, and even up to 9 leaves, though sadly I am unsure of the meaning of them.

* Once you see one, keep an eye on it (like you would a Leprechaun) else it will vanish never to be found again.

* Where there is one, there is two, where there are two, there are a few.

* For clover to be most effective place the leaf in your left shoe and forget that it's there.

* In general, Clover growing in your yard is supposed to help keep snakes away.

Best of luck and happy hunting!

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