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Clovers are everywhere, well, everywhere but maybe in your rich friends lawn…you know, that one fella that hires people to spray for such things…the kind of person that really does not need the luck of the Irish, but that’s not what I was trying to get at. I’m trying to get to the fact that there are clovers in nearly every patch of grass here in the states (and from what I hear much of Europe as well) yet the better majority of people I know have never once found a clover with four or more leaves. I find this positively perplexing as I find one nearly daily. Most of them get stuck into one of the various books on my bookshelf. Others get given to the person standing nearest to me, others make it through my lamination machine and it’s these that I’m offering to sell to you.

Though if you can’t afford to buy one then maybe I can help you by finding your very own? Though, if you do that you’ll be missing out on my super fancy wallet size laminated poem and all, but then, I guess that’s OK. You deserve to find your own!

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