New Forum(s) Proposal

The Occult Corpus is about as big as it can possibly get… While there is still some room for growth, the place IS getting a bit bloated. So with that, I was thinking it may be time to actually expand the place (kind of) by creating a new set of sites to help carry the load.

I do NOT want to have the OC weighed down with additional sites and more links then are needed, so my proposal is to simply make an entire new set of sites so that they can grown on their own into their own communities.

So with that, here is what I am thinking…

The largest of the sub-forums here are Chaos Magick & Ceremonial Magick, and I’ve received several requests to expand these and separate them into additional sub-boards and the like. Such things can be server intensive especially on a board as big as the OC (over 50 boards and growing!) By taking the expansion off site, it would allow smoother sailing on each individual forum and will allow each of those forum to segregate on a higher level then that found here on Occult Corpus.

Proposed Forums
Magickal Forums (
Chaos Magick Forums (
Ceremonial Magick Forums (

For the three of them to get started I need a total of $600 dollars. That will pay for the domains, vBulletin licenses (without blogs), and get me going on hosting.

My main goal is to get the Magickal Forum’s set up as a base ($200), then any additional benefactor memberships will grant Contributor memberships on the other two (and more) for at least the first year Contributors will get sustainer upgrades accordingly as well. However, these upgrades will be manually, so it may take several days for the cross over.

These forums will not truly be affiliated with the Occult Corpus beyond this post and getting them set up (You may need to contact me here till I can get the MF board going). As such, I can not offer any perks for the OC by buying into the new forums at this time…


The boards will be as follows:

Magickal Forums (

NOT a clone of the OC, but will have a few crossover topics such as Divination. The scope of the board will be to kind of expand on many of the proposals made here at the OC but that would bloat this board…

Overall it would be another general discussion board for magick and the occult, but for the most part would cater to a slightly different crowd then here at the OC.

Chaos Magick Forums (

The general ChM discussion board on this forum will be pretty much like the ChM board here on the OC, but there will be sub forums specifically for the different aspects of ChM (which there is not room for here).

Ceremonial Magick Forums (

As like the ChM forum, it’s base forum will be pretty much as seen here on the OC, but there will be more paradigm specific subforums as well as (hopefully) more in-depth discussions from Ceremonialists!

Once these three boards are created, I’ll be taking suggestions for additional forums of a more specific nature (Druidry, Buddhism, etc.) but one step at a time…one step at a time.

NOTE: All three forums are actually created, but any new posts or members will likely be deleted once I can get them upgraded to vB.


The membership tiers will be pretty much as they are here on the OC, but with a few minor differences… (some of the below options may change)

(B) Benefactor —— $50 (Equal to Board without the ability to Vote)
(C) Contributor —– $25 (Standard Gold Membership)
(S) Sustainer ——- $10 (Standard Silver Membership)
— Custom Title —- $5 (same as here)
— Name Change —– $5 (one time only)

BCS –> Gold Colored name
BCS –> Custom User Title
BCS –> “Benefactor/Contributor/Supporter” Rank/Title
BCS –> Access to Old Timers Board
BC- –> Access to the Gold Members Board
B– –> Access to the Mod Social Board
BCS –> More Private messages
BCS `–> Can send more messages at a time
BC- `–> Can ignore quotas (send PMs to full inboxes)
BCS –> Profile Notes
BC- –> Can post calendar events
BCS –> Can delete own Visitor Messages (Profile Comments)
BCS –> Can Delete own posts (within 24 hours)
BCS –> Can delete tags in own thread
BCS –> Can upload attachments
BC- –> Larger Avatar (120×120) (Up from 100×100)
BC- –> Larger Profile Pic (200×200) (Up from 150×150)
BC- –> Can upload images for Signature (200×400) (NEW!)
BC- –> Can have a photo album
B– `—> larger images
BC- –> Can create Social Groups (but not delete them)
BC- –> Can use thread [prefixes]
B– –> Can use thread icons
BCS –> Will NOT see advertisements


As a completely unrelated note, I am also considering NON-occult board (currently Homesteading) so if you are willing to hunt down enough contributors to get it up & running (up to $300 annually depending on various factors), I may consider taking it under my wing.

How do you make a contribution to this? Well, at the moment I am not exactly sure. I would hate to take your money if I can not garner enough support for the forum you would like to contribute to… so I guess at the moment, I am just working on “promises”… so if you’d like to contribute, shoot me a PM or email, and we can work it out from there…



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