Ink *****

Only two stars on this one! It was a wonderful concept, and a very interesting story line, but it’s direction and cinematography were very hard to follow along with. It is difficult to tell where the dreams start and reality ends which was the cause for much of the confusion.

Its the story of an 8 year old girl who falls victim to an entity named Ink. Ink kidnaps her and its up to her ’story teller’ dream-giving guardian and a ‘path finder’ to get her back while they fight a nightmare giving group of Succubus.

I can say that the entire concept behind the dream entities was a brilliant and original move on the part of the movie and that was what kept me watching it. If you like movies that cross over to the ‘other side’ then you may really enjoy this movie (assuming you can follow along with it’s direction).

Original Site: Ink
Netflix: Ink

This movie is available for instant viewing on Netflix.

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