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Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I have been slowly reworking this domain, not the blog, I mean the core pages ( and have thus far not gotten very much done, but I have gotten the most difficult part out of the way. The ASCII pages!

Please check it out, even if you’ve seen the previous versions of it. I think the black/green format on all the pages rather then most really sets it off.

Also, if you stumble, please give the Celtic Cross a thumbs up… I’m trying to make it go viral so I’ll be popular :lol:


Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

This last weekend was VERY nice, especially when compared to the last few months. As when the weather started to get warm we ran around like headless chickens, getting chickens, cleaning house, cleaning the yard, planting, tending to the plants, clearing out the flower beds, running errands, and more. We were so busy at times we often thought our days would never end. This weekend started off no different.

Friday I stayed at Amanda’s to watch Perrin so that Cyndi could get out of work a bit early to swing by the bank and to pay a few bills. It was a decent change because it was warm out so Perrin and I got a chance to play outside. The better majority of our time playing consisted of Perrin telling me “bye” while he tried to get his bigwheel to take him to some far off land. At one point we found that a bigwheel and a hill make for a lot of fun…well, fun till the house gets in the way. (wanna see?)

After Cyndi picked me up we did some more running around, then came home to clean house as we were planning on having a lot of people over. This was not so bad, as we did have most of it ready. Saturday was pretty much the same as Friday night, though we did pick up Lakota on our way to the Amish Market. We also ran by Lowes to pick up a new BBQ grill

Lakota came back home with us and she did her part in helping us clean up the rest of the yard and a few odds and ends in the house, though I made sure that I set some time aside for us to “play” as he last several visits consisted of her working her tail off.

After a long day of cleaning, then playing (which I’ll talk about more in a bit), we both slept like bricks (bricks can sleep right?)

Blah, I actually wrote all that Monday…and here it is Thursday, and I’ve yet to post it. So I’ll just let the videos tell the rest of the tail (guess which are from Friday & which are from Sunday).

Dropping the camera
Heated Argument
The Picnic (you need special permissions to view, just ask me)

I’ll likely get to updating more often. I’ll just need to make the time ;)

Spam CAN taste good

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

I am an evil evil person and should by rights be tied down and flogged…you see I support SPAM on certain levels and have been spamming people for months now. Though, I try my best to do it with tact & taste. How you say? Well, I just be myself, and in being myself, I just type what comes naturally…and in doing so, if I want to talk about something I have an interest in, I might as well get paid right? 

Well, there are other ways of spamming someone that could get them to not notice. Like your forum signature, or even just being a friendly member.

Forum members are some of the pickiest users on the web when it comes to ads and advertising, to get them to click on an ad is like trying to get skeeters to bite someone bathed in OFF!. Subtly works best, and being helpful works even better. 

I’ve been a member of forums that have had ads plastered in the headers, footers, and even a side bar…some of these forums I’ve been a part of for years, and never once have I ever clicked on any ad. Well, I guess I have, but I’m talking one click in thousands of page loads. That kind of CTR is horrible!

On the flip side, I have clicked many member’s signatures. I’m also prone to check out member websites, and sometimes if a member that’s been around for a while points something out in a post, I’ll gladly click. I like to assume I’m not alone in this anti-ad mindset, but still willing to click an actual suggestion. 

With that in mind, I’ve taken the liberty of mentioning a new tips and tricks based on the things I’ve seen happen, and the things I’ve actually done myself. If this does place me as evil, then so be it…but keep in mind, my goal in this evil is to be relevant and helpful, for ALL involved. So while in the end it really is ME ME ME on the surface it’s helping out everyone. 

Now you want to know what I’m talking about?
Forum Link Building made easy

(as a side note, people liked it so well, I’m getting reposts)

49 things to do…

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007


I did one, well most of one. It still needs some tacks, which I’ll get on a bit later. I used some left over 2×4’s from the chicken coop, and a piece of wood left over from the building blocks I made for Perrin & Devin for Christmas. It’s VERY basic, but that is all that was needed. It’s top is an old piece of wood paneling which should likely be replaced…but it does function for what is needed, and that is to increase storage space and minimize dead space. That cubby in the bathroom has been bothering me since I moved down, so getting this out of the way was certainly a wonderful thing ;)

Here, you can see the craftastrophe…

Bathroom shelf (bottom)

 The bottom, complete with storage totes… as you can see the paneling needs to be tacked down, but like I said, I’ll get to that, once I find some tacks.

 Bathroom shelf (top)

That’s the top, sorry for the dark image, I took them with my cell.

My mom is a Damn yankee

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

My mother has had a very busy weekend that’s crossed over into the week. She’s showed her house several times to potential buyers and some seem rather promising. She’s also made a trip to the DMV to get the boat and trailer legal, or to at least find out what it takes. She will likely just get a two week tag for the tip down here on the trailer, as that will save having to transfer it from Michigan to Tennessee or something.

She called down here to an apartment complex that she really liked and talked to the Owner (Tracy I believe). The lady said that they have two people that will likely be moving out in the next month or two. The first is a couple that I guess are looking for something bigger then the current two bedroom place they have now. It’s got 13,000 square feet, two rooms, a large bath, and a Jacuzzi.

The other come coming up belong to an old lady that’s likely lived too long. She complains about EVERYTHING and expects the land lord to fix things that are hers (like her toaster). The landlord has had enough and has raised her rent (which was the first hike the lady had in years, when all the others went up). At any rate the lady is refusing to pay the difference so will likely be gone at the end of next month.

My Mom will need to pay $550 – $600 depending on which one she gets (or which one is available). She’ll need to sign a one year contract to show interest in staying, after the year it converts to a month by month agreement. That’s a bonus! The lady also told my Mom that her and Norm could put up a privacy fence if they got one of the outside duplexes, and that gardens, bird feeders, and the like were all fine and dandy so long as they were not intrusive to the neighbors.

My mother passed along her number, but will likely also give her mine. If something comes up we’ll be called, and likely need to run over and get paperwork and whatnot. If my Mother does get the place she’ll be nearly dead center between here and Shannon’s house which is roughly a five minute dive in either direction. I think She’ll enjoy that…