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The big 0 4

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

Last week was Devin’s Birthday, though we didn’t have his party till Saturday… it was all good, as I’m unsure if he really knew the difference or even cared. It was a FUN day at any rate… we had the party at the Etowah Community Center and the whole (Tennessee) family was there.

We decorated the whole place with lots of ballons, which devin helped to blow up. Perrin tried to help, but he lost a few… But not too many thanks to Lakota who chased them under the tables.

Amanda and her new boy toy Jhoel had fun, and of course Perrin.
Shannon and Devin’s Father showed up. And can’t really have Tim without Jason
Lakota and I put on airs *pinky up*
Shannon & Amanda’s daddy played basketball with the kids. Amanda even played for a bit.
Lakota chased a ballon under the tables

I went in drag, which was fun because I got to give Shannon a lap dance. Devin also showed signs of some curiosity *smirk* Though Lakota would have NONE of that…either would Jhoel.

I got pix of…
Shannon & I
Devin & I
and Lakota & I

We ate Pizza, chips, and cake… Devin loved it all! Though Perrin didn’t eat much, he mostly watched.

Devin got lots of gifts. Lakota and Perrin both tried to help open them. My mom, Cyndi & I went in together and got him a bike.

All in all, Devin give it a big thumbs up!

To a friend…

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Find some peace of mind
Before I give you a piece of mine
Walk it out
Now shout it!
Get it out
Live without it!
Your baggage is holding up the line
So just carry on with carry-on
Walk it out
On without it!
Get it out
Stand and shout it!
Now never ever give up hope
There is not enough rope
So walk it out
Just leave it!
Get it out
And then believe it!
I know it’s in you…

 Some people look around the world and see everything but themselves which to me is sad, as it’s often these people that are the ones truly worth seeing. They need to find a figurative mirror so they can give themselves a long look. Maybe then they will see they are worth the effort.

 I’ve known several of these people and when I can, I try handing them little compliments like a compact, but they are unwilling to accept such a gift. At times I’ve bent over backwards helping them in hopes they could see worth in themselves, but that has never worked.

 Sometimes I wish life was like it was on the television so I could just say “Chin up there dear, you are super” and that would just solve all the world’s problems. But life is not television, so all I can do is hope that my FRIENDS understand that I do care and that I am here for them, should they find it within themselves to reach out for my aid. I will do my best to give them enough rope…but not enough to hang from.

 Life is not about looks, and beauty is truly measured from the inside out…sadly too many people have that backwards. I judge a person by their actions, and their beauty by the sparkle of life within their eyes. If the people I think rather highly of could see themselves though my eyes they too may see the beauty that is within them… till then, I can only do my part to be a friend.

 Sometimes I think all that is needed is a good rant. A few moments (or days) to vent off the pent up steam. Not quite an explosion, just something to prevent an implosion. I once had a friend that I hugged till they cried…which did a world of good, as I got lucky, and that was what they needed. Another time I pissed them off enough to actually let the anger out. I got lucky angain and made the correct call.

 Most of the time however, I am at a complete and total loss as to what to do. So I end up with a quick quip or lame joke. Humor is more of a band-aid then a cure, even if laughter is the best medicine…but then, we all know that OTC drugs truly cure anything, and that’s what humor is.

 So either way, know that I am your friend, and if you consider me one, know that I am here for you. Truly…

The Church loves Harry Potter

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

This story is a real Hoot…

I personally do not buy into all the hype that surrounds the Harry Potter craze, but this article caught my eye so I just had to talk about it. What title?

A Guide Teaching How To Use Harry Potter To Evangelise

Now how great is that? With every other church in the world burning these books, up stands the Church of England to fight fire with fire. I mean, what better way to teach the bible then to utilize the only book in the UK to outsell it?

I’d love to get my hands on a copy of that guide so I could use it to help further my own occult aims *smirk* I mean, it simply must be useable by witches, magickians, and other occultists….right? I mean, it is closer to us then the Christian Church is it not?

Whatever is in it, I’d bet its at least a fun read.

would you like to know more?

[aads]Harry Potter [/aads]

Poetry Entwined: Leaves are Leaving

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

I caught myself today
Like the leaves on the oak tree in October
I cannot afford to be scattered
Upon the earth in a million pieces
A million places


So I wrap the noose tighter
Take a deep breath
Staple the smile in the perfect place
Grab my box filled with a million beads
And begin searching for the broken one
I will hold it tight as I fall


Like a good man I’m out in the yard landscaping
To make my lawn pretty while mentally escaping
Though the tall aged oak outback belittles my work
By scattering it’s leaves and branches with a smirk
So it’s back to the grass with my favorite rake in hand


Till at another leaf pile I can make my stand
And all the while my loving wife does the same
Though the leaves we play with are a different game


The Power of Sacrifice for Dinner

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Me holding up some dinner

Main faiths use the power of sacrifice for various aspects of religion and magick and you’ll even come across things in the simplest of sources that say to offer up this or that in the name of the gods. I have always wondered what you were supposed to do with the “sacrifice” when you are done sacrificing.

 A few days ago Cyndi and I were out in the yard killing chickens to put in the freezer so we could eat them later and as they ran around without heads I got to thinking… could I harness the life-energies as they are lost out the little naked necks of these Turkens?

 Then I thought to myself what if I did utilize such energies…what would happen to the carcass if I cooked and ate it? Can I give the life essence in sacrifice then keep the empty shell that remains for my own devices, or would that be bad form? And I’m not talking specifically about chickens. I’m taking about herbs, stones, and other things that one may offer up in supplication.

 These and more questions I think I will ponder over the next few days and weeks as we kill off several more roosters. And until I can come up with a few answers I think my mind will grind and my belly will rumble…