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Little Red Wagon

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Me pulling Perrin in the new wagonI’ve been very busy these last few weeks getting my mothers house prepped for her to move in, getting her moved in, and then setting up her stuff. I’ve also been very busy this week getting my sister-in-law moved in as well. Most of it is all set up now however and I am starting to see the fruits of my labor in the form of a wonderful gift from dear old mom… a red wagon.

Of course it was something that I wanted, and it was a toss up between this or a dolly. I often have a need to haul things that are too heavy for my little self so I wanted something. While I’d likely be able to do some extra things with the dolly, I figured having something to pull around the grand kids in would far outweight not being able to move the dryer in my shed or wanting to dolly in the ten boxes of water once a month.

I got the thing yesterday, but did not get it home till today. When my mother dropped it off it was on the way back from getting a 50 pound bag of chicken feed, and as I had perrin he (and the feed) were the first to ride in the thing. He was thrilled with it, and enjoyed the return trip just as much. Later Lakota and Shannon stopped by, and I got to pull her around the yard. She even got a chance to pull me around, which was fun for me and amazing to her. She had no idea should could pull a “grown up” with her 8 year old self.

Today was a good day!

Box of Rocks

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

I got a box of rocks
Simple stones to the many
I got a box of rocks
And each means the world to me
I don’t know their stories
I do not know their tales
But I know they came from you
So any other story pales

I took one out to held it in my hand
I remember you used to keep it
By the fireplace on a stand
I then recalled the good times
All the times we used to share
I recollect the memories
Of when it rested there

Now that rock is at my house
And upon my desk it sits
So now I get to reminisce
When ever I look at it
And here that simple stone will stay
In a place where I can take a hold
A thousand single memories
Each more precious then gold

A rock that's sitting on my desk

My grandparents used to go on road trips yearly with the kids (You know, the type that the family on Dirty Dancing did, but without the sex) and from the various places that they would go too my Grandfather would often pick up a nifty stone or two. They had dozens of these rocks, many of which they had up on knick-knack shelves, around the fireplace, and some in the garden. Growing up I always thought the rocks were cool, but never really put much thought into them till recently.

My grandmother moved from Battle Creek to Holland and most the rocks made their way there as well, though they were no longer displayed out in the open. Most were tucked into corners of the basement never to be seen or thought of again. When my Mother started to collect things to move down here to Tennessee she asked me what I’d like from my Grandmothers (as they were starting to clear the clutter) and I remembered all the rocks she had. It was those that I wanted.

The rest of the family thought I was strange, but I really do not mind. Each of these stones has a story, and now those stories belong to me. Each of those rocks has a memory attached to it from some fun filled adventure or vacation…and while I may not know all of those stories, I now have the cause for the fond memory ;) Yeah, greedy on my part, but I find more pleasure in the simple things like these rocks, then something that has no sentimental value or something that only has a monetary value.

Of the things that are my grandmothers, its actually these silly rocks and a few pictures that I actually love, as I have a personal memory attached to many of them.

Perpetual Motion

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Perpetual Motion
Chris come this way
Chris come that
Get your shirt on
Grab your hat
Got things to do
In a short time
So grab your stuff
And get in line
Chris come this way
Chris come that
Get your shoes
Forget about that
Got a million things
For you in store
When you get through
I’ve a few more
Chris come this way
Chris come that
Get all your things
Wherever they’re at
Don’t dillydally
And do not waver
I have one more
Itty-bitty favor
So Chris come this way
Chris come that
There are things to do
Wherever you’re at

 My life has been overly hectic over the last few weeks as I have prepped my Mothers house for her to move in, helped her move in, fixed, mended, installed, and built the things shes needed. I’ve been out to eat more times in the last month then I’ve been in the last year, been to more stores looking for curtains, brackets, and shelves then I think I’ve been in my entire life, and have installed more “things” then I think any normal person should.

 While all that busy work has it’s rewards and while I am more then happy to do it and do more, I can not help feeling worn out, as while I am doing all of that I am trying to maintain my own set of chores which have often gone by the wayside.

 Its important that my Mother is happy down here in the home that Cyndi and I picked for her. It is a wonderful place, but it does need work. I know that most of it is done, and I look forward to it’s completion. Though I also know that I’ll soon be moving my sister into her apartment, and shortly after that my Father will be down with more stuff and more stuff to do.

 As long as the chickens are fed, laundry is done, and I get to sleep in the arms of the woman I love I know it’ll all be OK…I’ll just be a bit tired.

My little god

Friday, August 17th, 2007

I had an epiphany
Some nails, a hammer and me
Pound, pound, pound – hammer to wood
I’ll sink these nails all real good
Tap, tap, tap – this plank to plank
With nothing but tools to thank
There’s not a flaw to detect
Said the two year old architect

I had to fix a few spots on my Mothers back patio. One spot was an issue with the floor planks needing support, the other was to replace a missing railing. I got started by whacking off the existing pieces of wood to hold the railing because they needed replaced. I took one end and nailed it onto the other for added support. Once that was done I got to measuring the new boards that needed to go up so I could cut them. While I was doing that Perrin was very helpful. He got me the box of nails, he got me the tape measure, and he resituated the boards for me. Then he got the hammer to make sure that all of the nails I just put in were pounded in far enough…

Perrin with my hammer being a good little helper

That’s him with the hammer just banging away at the railing… He is such a good little architect. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be an excellent god ;) So wake up Christianity, you have a new ‘chosen son’ moving in ~ this one just happens to be a GRAND son. *smirk*



Psychic Youth

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Perrin is my runestone…

A few weeks ago I had a few issues with my primary email account in that it was offline for a while (and still is) so I missed a notification from The notification was for a possible exploit in one of the add-ons on OccultCorpus. The exploit was actually minor, and hard to get into, but it was an exploit all the same…and an exploit I’d not have known about otherwise…

I went out to feed the chickens one day and he hopped onto my chair, grabbed my mouse and got to work… He clicked an icon from the top of FireFox, the one for my tags. That in and of itself was likely a strange thing, as it’s surrounded by other clickable icons.

 the icon Perrin Clicked

He then scrolled down to the bottom of the page and clicked on the only link listed that had a “problem”. When I got back to my desk I noticed the open window and almost got angry that he was clicking things that he should not have been clicking… thats when I noticed the bright red warning on the page he found.

 More recently he was in here alone as I was out with Cyndi (his mom was in the other room on that computer) and again he got to work clicking random things. He opened up an image (which I don’t even know where it’s at on the computer, so can’t tell ya how he did it) and had the program maximized so that there was NO WAY I’d miss it.

 The image in question, indirectly predicted one of the new members on the forum….as the member is new, I can only guess if this is a good or a bad omen, but it’s an omen all the same, and an omen divined from a click happy two year old.

 Strange…strange indeed.