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Weight Loss for the whole family

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

I’m not fat, I’m not even really overweight in a bad way, but I do have a few unneeded pounds accumulating around the midsection that I’d just assume do away with. Other members of the family are in the same bloated boat that I am in, so we all got together to start a group game of diet and exercise. The goals are simple, to lose a bit of weight without the use of pills or surgery, and to keep it fun we are making it not only a group thing, but a game!

 We are going to base the weight loss on percents like they do on those TV shows and while I’m not sure of the prizes, I know that something like this should help to keep all of our interests in check, at least enough to reach a few of our lower goals.

 I started out at 160 and my final goal is 130-140 and then to maintain that while I become fit and tone a little.  I’ve already lost 2 pounds, but then maybe I haven’t…I tend to fluctuate in about an 8 pound spread. Regardless though, I do plan on getting that average down to at least 135 and keeping it that way. Four years ago, and for over 10 years before that I weighed in at 127 on average and had a 27 inch waist…the 160 I’m carrying around now comes with a 31 inch waist. I want a 30 personally, as jeans are MUCH easier to find in that size. At least one of my personal goal prizes will be a new pai of jeans.

 My Mom, Cyndi, and Lakota have all lost weight, as has Shannon & Amanda…I’m trilled for us all and will be rooting for the entire team as we loss together. I also look forward to walking on cool evenings with Cyndi, and on Wednesdays with Lakota. I’m not sure what their goals or prizes are, but I’ll pitch in to help get them if it’s needed…as it is needed.

Family Game Night

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

 Chris licking ShannonYa remember those commercials about zFamily game night? Remember how cheeeeeesy they were? I know I do, but last night my family actually had one. We played Cranium which was a first for everyone in my side of the family. We all showed up at my Mom’s and ate Sloppy Joes and chips around fivish, then once our bellies were full we grouped up into two teams. Shannon, Angela, and myself were on one team, Cyndi, Mom, and Amanda were on the other. Lakota played both sides, and Perrin did his best to disturb everyone.

 Shannon was our group speller when we got Yellow cards because I can’t spell at all, and Angela I think was just out of her element. I was the actor because at heart I am a Drama Queen. Amanda spelled for the other team, and Cyndi was their actor (because she is my Drama King). It was hours of excitement that ended in my team winning because of my acting skills and Shannon’s wonderful spelling.

 All in all I think it was a success and I really look forward to having another game night. Familys are fun, and I wish I’d have known that years ago, my family up in Michigan may have been much closer then it is now…but that’s really OK, now I get to be a part of a family down here, and I look forward to us all getting to know each other.