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The Magick in Saying Hello

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Looking around the Van at Cades Cove Those who can not see that there is magick in mundane life, are not living life to its fullest potential. Magick is all around us, and it does not really take all that much to see it. I’m not talking about pretty colored leaves that have fallen into the creek, and I’m referring to the autumn leaves that have turned color, but have not fallen, but there is magick in that as well. No, I’m talking about talking…

A simple hello and a smile can make a dim day bright, even if that hello is too a stranger. On a recent trip to Cades Cove with the family Lakota and I sat in the back of the van with the door open. When we passed by random hikers, bikers, and people riding horseback we talked to them. Most of the time it was little more then a How-dee-doo but at other times we asked them relevant questions to the days outing, like whether or not they saw the giraffe a few miles back, or if they got any cool pictures of the elephant. It didn’t matter that neither giraffe nor elephant were there to see or get pictures of, what mattered was the friendly way in which we asked. Friendly, polite, and with a sincere smile…

We passed two ladies on bikes and wished them the bestest of days. A very short way up from them we passed two guys. We pointed to the ladies a ways back and said they may do well to ride as team and make new friends. The ladies were glad to give us their hellos, and from the looks of the guys, they thought the idea I gave was a grand one.

A bit later we passed by some nice people on horseback. We called them cowboys, took their picture, and waved as if we were old friends. I could see them smiling broader as we drove away then when we drove up. On some level, we helped make their day a better one.

There was a nice couple with the largest lens we’ve ever seen, and asked them if they shot anything nice. They said “not yet” so we wished them luck…and I hope they got lucky.

A little girl riding her bike was wished well too, though that wish was likely foundered as she nearly crashed into the van while spitting expletives…though maybe had we not said hello, she’s have fallen, and made her day a bad one. Who can really know for sure.

All in all, we talked to at least 30 people, and of those 30 people 29 smiled, and I really do like those odds, and each of those 30 people made my day a little brighter, so I hope that my smile also brightened their day. Have you said hello to a stranger lately?

If not, then spread the magick…

I banned Geraint Evans!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Geraint EvansBack in 2005 when I was a full fledged member of Occult Forums we got a loony that made an account named “Jack Blade”. Half of this members posts seem to claim he had some affiliation with Satan. The other half had him claiming that he was Jesus Christ.

Through some twist of normal logic he claimed that there was proof of his divinity on his birth certificate. (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C), and his twisted logic is thus:

Technically look at it.. My mother’s name is Caroline Rosser.. Carol as in the song.. See sign’s C.Rosser like Jesus died on the cross.. Which made God crosser.. Then my father’s same Stuart Evans.. Stu Art.. As in the Devil makeing art of food.. Art of you.. You become the Devil’s toy an he ain’t human.. I got all nature im like a wild animal when i want to be.. An then he sign’s S.Evans As in Seven spirit’s of God.. An also like the film Seven which show’s how dark my metality goes.. Understand if it exist’s it exist’s in me an my head.. Makeing it my metality an memory’s.. Then we have me my name is Geraint David Evans.. Which break’s down into G Re Ain’t Vaild Heaven’s.. Why ain’t Re correct or vaild.. Because Jesus was God an Devil.. Not just God.. Jesus was the man with the spirit of the Universe.. Makeing him both God an Devil.. Then my birth date prove’s this.. 21 April 1983.. 21 as i said is the number.. An even my birth year add’s upto it.. 1+9+8+3=21.. 3×7=21.. 7 an 21 are the Alpha an the Omega of the last chapter of the bibel Jesus is coming.. Jesus say’s he the Alpha an Omega would return then i turn up haveing the number’s which prove me to be the Alpha an the Omega of that chapter.. See i said i would return an i have.. An the fact that my number’s prove God as similer number’s to Devil prove’s they are one an the same.. Just different side’s of God’s metality.. An the fact that the number’s is proved by the supposedly holy bible.. Prove’s it is from God.. No matter what crap they pull.. If they think im nothing but the Devil then i would not be connected in such a way to the bible.. A book you claim is so holy.. Yet it was wrote by them ba*tards who killed me.. Holy i think not.

Post after post of bad poetry and random biblical ramblings followed and proceeded that revelation to the point that the member had to be banned for breaking several of the forum rules and regulations.

Almost two years later he was accused of killing Father Bennett, a Vicar at St Fagan’s Church. While this is a story out of the UK, it crossed over to the states when the news had an image of the forums he was a member at. Oddly enough, they equated the forums with Satanism and other evil things, where that was not really the case. Either way, the publicity of the event has forced the current administration to ‘archive’ the posts of the member, so I’ll not be sharing anything more.

But if you would like to know more of the story from the media you can check out this story, and this video.

The Apple Of My Eye

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

bobbing for apples My birthday is in October so inevitably my birthday parties always had a Halloween theme to theme. That’s not a bad thing mind you, I love that spooky holiday. But it’s not always about the tricks and treats or the goblins and ghosts. It’s about other fall festivities like Hay Rides and Bobbing for Apples. Of course I had no Idea that Hay rides derived from such simple pleasures as this being the time of year and such hay pulling NEEDED to be done. Of course I also had no idea that Bobbing for Apples and the use of apples in general were ancient Celtic traditions that could foretell who I was going to marry. Had I paid more attention I could have saved myself some heart ache and just gone for the loving bliss I’ve found here in Tennessee.

As many of the older traditions started based on the needs of daily life, its no wonder that fruit, specifically apples, became an integral part of the harvest festival we have come to know as Halloween. In the beginning of early pagan traditions, apples were believed to hold special powers, not only were they a symbol for the female gods, but when an apple is split in two through its center, it will reveal a five-pointed star at the center. I mean, how cool is that? Not to mention tis the season for apples and of course how yummy they taste.

Unwed folks used to compete to see who could bob for an apple or bit a hanging apple from a string. The first to get their teeth marks into it would be the first to marry.

Peeling apples in front of a mirror in candle light can supposedly produce the image of ones future spouse. This is rather humorous, especially as, if it took a while to bring about the image you could then divine just how long you would live. According to tradition by comparing the length of the peel to your average life expectancy you could divine the rest of your time. The longer the peel, the longer you’re here.

I’m sure the list is much longer then that, but I’d just assume eat apples then use them in any ritual that’s too long (and as such keeping me from eating them).

The Witches of Waukesha Wisconsin

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

I have several google alerts set up for various “occult terms” such as Witchcraft, Pagan, Magick, and Occult, and many of them give me the strangest things. Like an article about Chris Pagan trying to sell his car, or the current Events of Druid Hills Idaho. There are also many hits on books like Harry Potter, but now and again I get some real gems and I just have to share them with someone, and today that someone is you!

In Waukesha Wisconsin recently there was a lady in her back yard where she was apparently dancing about and singing strange songs along with her iPod around a bonfire that her neighbors mistook as some strange spell casting. Why did they make this mistake? I bet you are thinking a witch hunt in middle America right? Wrong…the lady is completely bonkers, and the mistake is likely easily made by anyone.

Point One: She recently changed her name from Brenna K. Barney to Moon Fyre which is likely a sign that the better majority of her magickal knowledge comes from Llewellyn Publishing. But I guess there is no crime in that.

Point Two: No, she was not skyclad, but she was only in a teeshirt and her undies.

Point Three: She was buring her bonfire in a pre-fab firepit. Likely due to local ordinances which she was trying not to break (bless her heart). Nothing loony there right…wrong. She was not using wood for the fire, but rather Rubber Car mats, and a cooler.

Point Four: When the police got there she completely ignored them, in fact, she took lighter fluid and sprayed it on her already melting and black smoke billowing fire pit. All the while belting out whatever song was playing on her glorious iPod.

Point Five: She is a self employed Psychic, and a self professed “Solitary Eclectic Witch” (Ok, I guess that’s pretty normal).

Point Six: She didn’t bother to appear in court but claims that she was happy with the outcome… A fine for $249 dollars for a public disturbance and resisting arrest.
(read more?)

The main reason I think I found humor in that was because the very next Google Alert had the following Headline and short:

Identifying Mental Illness

The following is the highlight of that article:

Behaviour Symptomatic of Mental Illness: Mental illness is an ailment which needs to be treated clinically (like diabetes, hypothyroidism). Contrary to popular belief, mental illness cannot be mitigated by yoga, meditation, witchcraft, black magic or prayer.

The article did not say all that much other then that, I’ll not give a link, as it’s overly filled with spam…but those two alerts in a row certainly did seem to go hand in hand.