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Riding the Magick Plane

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Nevermind the magick bus, take a ride on a magickal plane! That’s what Chikumbutso Mponda of Ntchisi did, just remember to pack a magickal parachute (something Chikumbutso forgot to do). According to according to the Daily Times (Malawi) this fine young chap, along with a friend paid for a trip on a minibus from Lilongwe to his home village They seemingly could not afford fare for the entire trip so they got off at Mponda sometime late Christmas Eve. Fearing for their lives (I guess it’s dangerous there after dark) they decided to take a magick plane for the rest of the trip.

Unfortunately, Mponda fell from the magic plane after it flew over a house at Mponela Trading Centre, which was heavily protected magically. At least that is what Kondwani Kandiado (a police Public Relations Office) said. He went on to say that the owners of the home stripped him and confiscated all of his belongings.

Of course the office also said that the people that found him were just returning from a drinking spree, so their word must be accurate. On their word, and by law, Chikumbutso Mponda was sentenced to five years hard labor without options.

It’s good that the governments around the world are making a stand against the evils of witchcraft.

Druid in Jail

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Love Sky Dancer (yes, that’s his real name) pleaded guilty to smuggling ecstasy in some chocolate powder into the Kennedy Airport for a friend and got three years in Metropolitan Detention Center. Now he wants nothing but the finest foods in prison because he will only partake of organic/open range animals as his religion (Druidry) dictates. He is asking that if they will not allow for his religious freedoms in jail that they send him back to the United Kingdom (where he is from) because they are more suited to deal with his vegan needs. It goes a bit farther in that he is even refusing the veggies served because he claims pesticides have been used on them.

“We do not mean to diminish the charge to which Mr. Dancer has pleaded guilty, but the Bureau of Prisons must allow inmates who follow a recognized religion to have available the dietary requirements of that religion,” lawyer Robert Simels told the Daily News.

I’m all for him having his religion and all, I’m even ecstatic that the prison system does its best to bend the rules for religious reasons. Though I do have concerns for the validity of his faith. If he can not eat the processed meats that are served in jail, then why on earth was he munching chocolate laced with synthetic drugs? Even if he was not a user of what he was smuggling, why was he fraternizing and condoning the use of such things for others? I’m pretty sure if he was a stickler of faith he’d not be hauling around processed candies filled with drugs.

If he can have such double standards, then so be it… but then, if he was willing to do the crime, by the gods he should be willing to do the time. As far as I’m concerned his ‘free range’ days are over, and he should sit in the prison cafeteria pondering just what he’s done while he nibbles on his cloned beef.

I’d have more sympathy for him had his crime been more organic, or at least more in line with his faith, but as it stands, he should not have his way.

Life is Magick, or should be

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Call me fluffy, but sometimes it is worth reading…

 I’m talking about the Llewellyn Journal, and in this case, a motivational editorial by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke. It’s really good, and I recommend you all to read it.

 Here is a link: New Worlds of Magic (and Magick, too)

 It starts off with…

 We live in a Magical and multidimensional Universe! Magic is all around us. It is Life, and Being, and Consciousness, and Matter, and Space, and all there is. It’s here and there, whether or not you believe in it. From the “First Moment,” whether it was the Big Bang or a big egg or a Divine Utterance, continuous transformation characterizes all that is, was, and will be. Transformation is the essence of magic.

If magic is always happening, doesn’t it behoove you to understand it? If it is always happening, then it is happening to you without your knowledge or control. Isn’t it better for you to become an active player instead of a passive recipient?

and I could not agree more. Why just sit around and let things happen, when you yourself could play a major role in how things play out? It’s a really short read and gives a few good points. It’s not saying that you need to rush out and buy the next Llewellyn publication or anything, or even that you need to practice magick at all, but it is saying to take the bull by the horns and make it do what you want to do… you do, after all, have that power.

So find the magick in your life, and learn to weave it to your advantage rather then having it take advantage of you…