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Q’s Life update

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

I may be changing the format of this blog again as my life has taken a huge turn. I now live off the grid in a small house which Cyndi and I have built ourselves. I do have partial net access while I am at my Mothers, but the time here is very limited so I have been focusing on other things (like the forums I am a part of).

I am unsure whether or not I’ll start updating this blog or my livejournal either way though the posts will certainly not be as often as they once were.

I have started a homesteading site, though it’s not got much in the way of content just yet. However, Cyndi and myself will start updating that with back-dated posts so that you all can see what all we have been through in the last three months or so.

If I do have time I’ll post some pagan/occult news here though, it’s just I barely have time for such things these days.