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A single act of kindness

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Cyndi has posted the following in her blog, and I thought it all was worthy of being said again…

Prove to me that true kindness still exists. I am not talking about, I will do some random act of kindness for this person so I can heal my Karma a little bit. I am talking about true 100% pure unadulterated, no thought of reward, no worry about self sacrifice, no choice of who was chosen for the act of kindness, it was done because this person was a minority, or family, or poor, or sick or anything…..just a plain fucking act of kindness in which one does what their heart leads them to do with no thought other than this should be done and I give my word it will be done and even if death takes my hand it will be done because it should be. Humans are the most self centered, uncaring creatures on the face of this vast Earth. Other animals have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive. We are cruel, uncaring, evil and most work through premeditated acts of selfish agendas and could care less the outcome of their actions.


It does not exist. Kindness is a façade we have developed to boost our ego or secretly control the victim of our kind act.


People are cruel, possibly even born that way. We have lived with evil acts for so long they have now become the norm and are handed down to our children. We teach them to be manipulative, cruel, greedy, mean. Even someone who considers themselves to be a “true Christian” and claims they are showing true kindness by volunteering, donating items to the needy, giving money to the poor……this is NOT pure kindness my friends. It is a security blanket to pad their ticket to their heaven, hoping their God is watching them hand that dollar to the homeless man on the street.


True kindness is extinct. Humans have evolved into the most cruel, ruthless creatures in existence and the Gods are fast giving up on us. We are wasteful, nasty, hurtful, cold hearted creatures who destroy everything we touch. To deny that is to fall deeper into the ridiculous lies that we force ourselves to live by.

Only when my ashes become fertilizer for a tree will I ever become pure and true to myself. Not because I think there will be a hidden reward for me in the end, not because I will be taken to some ridiculous heaven to see my Mam-maw again, not because God will make me some special creature to run free with other special creatures with no pain or tears, not because something good will happen to me for my own sacrifice….just because I do not desire to be anything other than the dirt beneath us and as birds sit in the tree and shit on my ashes it will be a well deserving event to pay me back for being a member of the human race. WE ARE ALL SHIT!

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