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Russian License for Faith Magick

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Witchcraft (in the general sense) seems to be alive and well within Mother Russia! Associated Press Reports: Russia licenses faith healers

Faith based magick practitioners have a chance to become licensed (legit?) which is in my opinion simply super! There are other countries that do this as well, but I’ve not researched much into it. Though I do think that if it happened in the US it would (or at least could be) a great thing, though they would need to hold all ‘faiths’ equal in such matters, including the Christian church.

For the past two years, the Federal Health Service has been issuing licenses to practitioners of what it calls “traditional medicine,” meaning anything from the use of herbal treatments to the manipulation of “auras.” His claims buttressed by officialdom, Fadkin charges patients 3,500 rubles ($150) per session.

130 people in the Moscow area have passed a voluntary government test. Currently only people within Moscow can even take the test, but they are pushing to expand it throughout Russia.

The program includes a background check, a scan of electrical activity in the brain and a committee review of the results. The agency charges applicants 10,000 rubles ($428) for the tests.

The article does go into some bad aspects of fake healers…but hey, at least once country is saying “hey, these guys MIGHT be real” so bully for them!