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Saturday, November 10th, 2007

I recently took a trip to Knoxville to McKay Books, a simply FANTASTIC used bookstore. I do my best to make it over there at least once every few months and would like to go more but generally do not have the money. They sell high quality, but used books that are generally at least 50% off of the cover price, though even better deals can certainly be found.

In the past I have gotten several magickal text, a few craft/project books, and even a gardening book. I generally head out there with my Most beloved, but sometimes I’ll head out there with her daughter, which is who I went with this last time. She got a few novels of the time travel/paranormal variety, and I got three books on superstitions.

  • The Encyclopedia of Superstitions, by E. and M. A. Radford [Barnes & Noble, 1961]
    370 pages of information on European and American superstitions complete with a decent bibliography and a handy index for cross-referencing. Well worth its $7.50 price tag.
  • Dictionary of Superstitions, by David Pickering [Cassell, 1995]
    It has 294 pages with more entries then the previous book, but less information for each one of them. It offers no other perks, but is still rather handy as an A-Z guide for it’s topic. Certainly a good starting point, and I’m glad that I got it for $5.25.
  • A Treasury of American Superstitions, Claudia De Lys [Bonanza, 1948]
    This little gem has 484 pages, a bibliography, and a decent index. It is not an A-Z guide however and finding things quickly could prove difficult without it’s index. It is well written, easy to follow, and has more information then either of the other two on the topics that it covers. One nice thing is that it focuses on American traditions, though many did come from over seas originally.

I plan on writing up several articles on what can be had in all three books so stay tuned to both here and the main site for updates concerning superstitions. To get a small taste of what is inside the three books check out these Occult Corpus discussions for superstitions for the entire week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.