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49 things to do…

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007


I did one, well most of one. It still needs some tacks, which I’ll get on a bit later. I used some left over 2×4’s from the chicken coop, and a piece of wood left over from the building blocks I made for Perrin & Devin for Christmas. It’s VERY basic, but that is all that was needed. It’s top is an old piece of wood paneling which should likely be replaced…but it does function for what is needed, and that is to increase storage space and minimize dead space. That cubby in the bathroom has been bothering me since I moved down, so getting this out of the way was certainly a wonderful thing ;)

Here, you can see the craftastrophe…

Bathroom shelf (bottom)

 The bottom, complete with storage totes… as you can see the paneling needs to be tacked down, but like I said, I’ll get to that, once I find some tacks.

 Bathroom shelf (top)

That’s the top, sorry for the dark image, I took them with my cell.