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Russian License for Faith Magick

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Witchcraft (in the general sense) seems to be alive and well within Mother Russia! Associated Press Reports: Russia licenses faith healers

Faith based magick practitioners have a chance to become licensed (legit?) which is in my opinion simply super! There are other countries that do this as well, but I’ve not researched much into it. Though I do think that if it happened in the US it would (or at least could be) a great thing, though they would need to hold all ‘faiths’ equal in such matters, including the Christian church.

For the past two years, the Federal Health Service has been issuing licenses to practitioners of what it calls “traditional medicine,” meaning anything from the use of herbal treatments to the manipulation of “auras.” His claims buttressed by officialdom, Fadkin charges patients 3,500 rubles ($150) per session.

130 people in the Moscow area have passed a voluntary government test. Currently only people within Moscow can even take the test, but they are pushing to expand it throughout Russia.

The program includes a background check, a scan of electrical activity in the brain and a committee review of the results. The agency charges applicants 10,000 rubles ($428) for the tests.

The article does go into some bad aspects of fake healers…but hey, at least once country is saying “hey, these guys MIGHT be real” so bully for them!

The growing fad: Demonic Possession

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

A few weeks ago the Polish Catholic Church announced that it would be opening ‘exorcism clinics’ to combat the rising cases of possession. News from Australia shows that priests are working over time to help the swelling cases of demonic involvement in peoples lives. Throughout other parts of Europe Demons are invading the minds of the populous, and in the US priests are starting to become trained to fight such things in growing numbers. In fact, a recent survey shows that one in ten Catholics have been, or have witnessed an exorcism.

Is this the work of the new Pope, or are the satanic forces finally standing up to claim what is theirs?

Personally, I think it may be hype inspired by the Vatican combined with a growing fad of blaming ones problems on demons.

Thousands of years ago, there was no mental illness. Though there were demons, and those demons would invade the minds of the devout. The only cure for such an invasion would be to visit a priest of whatever faith you were and have it banished. According to record, such practices cured many individuals… CURED! Today of course, we use pills to suppress such things, or psychiatry to circumvent their effects….though today, without taking your medications, there is no cure….until now!

Now, don’t take cleansing herbs to cure what ails you, take FDA approved medications. Natural cures are the work of the devil! And now it seems that medications may also be a thing of the past, as people are flocking to the church to cure their mental quirks. Is this a reversal of technological advances in medicine, or is it a return to doing what actually works? I guess only time may tell…

The Satanic Bible says that “Satan is the best friend the church ever had” and that is once again proving true. With the rising numbers of people leaving the church for nature religions, or alternative faiths, maybe this is just what the Pope needs to once again gain his foothold on the world. If the power of God can cure you of your personal demons, you may be more inclined to go to church on more occasions then just Easter and Christmas…something that will once again get the armchair Christian to keep the faith.

With luck, it’ll lead to other ancient cures, like taking herbs rather then synthetic drugs that you can not pronounce.

I banned Geraint Evans!

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Geraint EvansBack in 2005 when I was a full fledged member of Occult Forums we got a loony that made an account named “Jack Blade”. Half of this members posts seem to claim he had some affiliation with Satan. The other half had him claiming that he was Jesus Christ.

Through some twist of normal logic he claimed that there was proof of his divinity on his birth certificate. (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C), and his twisted logic is thus:

Technically look at it.. My mother’s name is Caroline Rosser.. Carol as in the song.. See sign’s C.Rosser like Jesus died on the cross.. Which made God crosser.. Then my father’s same Stuart Evans.. Stu Art.. As in the Devil makeing art of food.. Art of you.. You become the Devil’s toy an he ain’t human.. I got all nature im like a wild animal when i want to be.. An then he sign’s S.Evans As in Seven spirit’s of God.. An also like the film Seven which show’s how dark my metality goes.. Understand if it exist’s it exist’s in me an my head.. Makeing it my metality an memory’s.. Then we have me my name is Geraint David Evans.. Which break’s down into G Re Ain’t Vaild Heaven’s.. Why ain’t Re correct or vaild.. Because Jesus was God an Devil.. Not just God.. Jesus was the man with the spirit of the Universe.. Makeing him both God an Devil.. Then my birth date prove’s this.. 21 April 1983.. 21 as i said is the number.. An even my birth year add’s upto it.. 1+9+8+3=21.. 3×7=21.. 7 an 21 are the Alpha an the Omega of the last chapter of the bibel Jesus is coming.. Jesus say’s he the Alpha an Omega would return then i turn up haveing the number’s which prove me to be the Alpha an the Omega of that chapter.. See i said i would return an i have.. An the fact that my number’s prove God as similer number’s to Devil prove’s they are one an the same.. Just different side’s of God’s metality.. An the fact that the number’s is proved by the supposedly holy bible.. Prove’s it is from God.. No matter what crap they pull.. If they think im nothing but the Devil then i would not be connected in such a way to the bible.. A book you claim is so holy.. Yet it was wrote by them ba*tards who killed me.. Holy i think not.

Post after post of bad poetry and random biblical ramblings followed and proceeded that revelation to the point that the member had to be banned for breaking several of the forum rules and regulations.

Almost two years later he was accused of killing Father Bennett, a Vicar at St Fagan’s Church. While this is a story out of the UK, it crossed over to the states when the news had an image of the forums he was a member at. Oddly enough, they equated the forums with Satanism and other evil things, where that was not really the case. Either way, the publicity of the event has forced the current administration to ‘archive’ the posts of the member, so I’ll not be sharing anything more.

But if you would like to know more of the story from the media you can check out this story, and this video.

The Church loves Harry Potter

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

This story is a real Hoot…

I personally do not buy into all the hype that surrounds the Harry Potter craze, but this article caught my eye so I just had to talk about it. What title?

A Guide Teaching How To Use Harry Potter To Evangelise

Now how great is that? With every other church in the world burning these books, up stands the Church of England to fight fire with fire. I mean, what better way to teach the bible then to utilize the only book in the UK to outsell it?

I’d love to get my hands on a copy of that guide so I could use it to help further my own occult aims *smirk* I mean, it simply must be useable by witches, magickians, and other occultists….right? I mean, it is closer to us then the Christian Church is it not?

Whatever is in it, I’d bet its at least a fun read.

would you like to know more?

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