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[PERS] Personal Emergency Response Systems

Monday, February 11th, 2008

People in magickal circles talk about magickal protection, healing, and other spells and rituals that can aid in making one safe from all sorts of harm, though sometimes magick is not enough, or at least some times it can take more then just a few herbs, a crystal, and some fancy words to make such protections truly happen. Even without magick, it can sometimes take more then just the “self” to keep one free from harm. So with that, self defense should be looked at through as many angles as possible.

A while back I had worries over the safety of a dear friend that arose from a rather stange dream. And while I know they have panic buttons for your car alarm, personal alarm systems, and the like those were not something that would work, as she was living in the middle of nowhere and should something of happened, no one would have been around to hear her yell for help, let alone some wailing electronic device.

So with that, I wrote a poem (based on that dream) and looked into other methods that could call for help should the need arise.

Worry (1) 4-31-05

You talked in your sleep last night
You had a dream
I talked to you of your plight
It was a bad dream
I now worry about you
You getting harmed
You spoke of the things he’d do
Now I’m alarmed
There are things that can be done
Take this advice
There’s things that can’t be undone
Don’t roll the dice
I can’t take this chance of risk
Listen to me
I will try to make this brisk
To make you see
You need a PERS for your purse
Your protection
And there is nothing else worse
You can not run
So protect yourself my dear
So please, this do
So *we* do not have to fear
And I love you

Worried about a loved one? a friend? Family member? Are you yourself prone to accident, or maybe your mother is growing feeble and you are concerned that she may harm herself?

You may want to look into a PERS system. It stands for Personal Emergency Response System. You can find a bit about it by reading up on it from the following links.

Or if you are interested in buy one you can find one here.

I got that site from the BBBonline page…so they got a good track record. AND they happen to be one of the cheapest systems available (that I found).

Because I care…

Dreaming of Occult Corpus

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Dreams are strange things…

Last night though was a bit more odd then normal. I am in the mod forum, but it’s not a forum, it’s a room, well, a coffee house. Radiant Star was there, Nero was there, Forest Breath, Mmothra, and others. Cypher Grey was there as well…

We were all arguing over my actions over something, and Cypher Grey insisted that I get an infraction. I didn’t like this idea and left in a huff.

It would seem that the bickering continued, and was in some kind of limbo, but it did seem like Cypher was winning the debate. This got me a bit flustered, so I used my amazing Admin powers to fly around the forums (in this case a city) to collect all the bill boards I could find. I surrounded Cypher Grey’s house with them, and was lining the street on the way to the Coffee House. I was going to write on them all my point so maybe it could sink into his thick head.

I kept confusing real billboards with strange little black lids, that went on these odd little resin (plastic) boxes. It didn’t matter though, because I could stick them into the ground, and write my message on them. The little boxes (and lids) stood out in the dreams because they were significantly smaller then actual billboards, but when I put them up they seemed to match. This made me ponder my own size (and significance).

I saw Forest Breath walking to the Coffee House, and I flew down to walk with her. We discussed things a bit, then she said something and *JUMPED* off the ledge next to the street and tumbled down the loose dirt, rocks and debris. I could do nothing to save her but stand there in shock…

I knew that I SHOULD zip over with my amazing powers, because I could…but I could not, not at that point. I could just stand there with my jaw dropped as I watched the woman I love fall into a contorted position on the ground below.

Then I woke up…

A rude Awakening

Friday, May 25th, 2007

Next to me
I awoke last night in a bit of fright
A nightmare got the best of me
Glimpses of that dream still in sight
Thank the gods you’re next to me
I laid there in sweat and silence
Shivering as the fan dried away the fear
Shivering as the thoughts sunk in
Thank the gods that you are near
Moments passed more like hours
As the horrors replayed in my mind
And that now the time is ours
I thank the gods you are mine

 They tell me that dreams are prophetic, and sometimes I’m willing to agree. Other times I think that dreams are little more then dreams, and in some cases, little more then nightmares. I’m pretty sure that I’ll not be eaten by bears anytime soon as the dream I had last night indicated; especially not alien sasquatch bears…though I guess the symbology of the dream could hold some semblance of truth to it.

 Generally speaking I do not put a lot of stock into the average dream, unless it seemed significant upon waking or is a reoccurring dream (or theme). Last night was nothing out of the ordinary (well, other then the alien bears mawling me) so I didn’t bother looking up any meanings…besides, that’s about the only think I can recall from the dream.

 What I did get from the dream though came after I woke up, and that was looking over to the woman I love and seeing her sleeping soundly. It’s a truly peaceful sight, and as I laid there watching her she rolled over slightly, enough to swing her hand up and over. It landed just beside me, close enough for her finger to touch my flesh.

 I didn’t move, other then to smile, and as she settled again her finger twitched, and a smile crossed her face.

 I fell back to sleep without a care for Martian Sasquatch, and I slept with a smile.