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Q’s Life update

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

I may be changing the format of this blog again as my life has taken a huge turn. I now live off the grid in a small house which Cyndi and I have built ourselves. I do have partial net access while I am at my Mothers, but the time here is very limited so I have been focusing on other things (like the forums I am a part of).

I am unsure whether or not I’ll start updating this blog or my livejournal either way though the posts will certainly not be as often as they once were.

I have started a homesteading site, though it’s not got much in the way of content just yet. However, Cyndi and myself will start updating that with back-dated posts so that you all can see what all we have been through in the last three months or so.

If I do have time I’ll post some pagan/occult news here though, it’s just I barely have time for such things these days.

[PERS] Personal Emergency Response Systems

Monday, February 11th, 2008

People in magickal circles talk about magickal protection, healing, and other spells and rituals that can aid in making one safe from all sorts of harm, though sometimes magick is not enough, or at least some times it can take more then just a few herbs, a crystal, and some fancy words to make such protections truly happen. Even without magick, it can sometimes take more then just the “self” to keep one free from harm. So with that, self defense should be looked at through as many angles as possible.

A while back I had worries over the safety of a dear friend that arose from a rather stange dream. And while I know they have panic buttons for your car alarm, personal alarm systems, and the like those were not something that would work, as she was living in the middle of nowhere and should something of happened, no one would have been around to hear her yell for help, let alone some wailing electronic device.

So with that, I wrote a poem (based on that dream) and looked into other methods that could call for help should the need arise.

Worry (1) 4-31-05

You talked in your sleep last night
You had a dream
I talked to you of your plight
It was a bad dream
I now worry about you
You getting harmed
You spoke of the things he’d do
Now I’m alarmed
There are things that can be done
Take this advice
There’s things that can’t be undone
Don’t roll the dice
I can’t take this chance of risk
Listen to me
I will try to make this brisk
To make you see
You need a PERS for your purse
Your protection
And there is nothing else worse
You can not run
So protect yourself my dear
So please, this do
So *we* do not have to fear
And I love you

Worried about a loved one? a friend? Family member? Are you yourself prone to accident, or maybe your mother is growing feeble and you are concerned that she may harm herself?

You may want to look into a PERS system. It stands for Personal Emergency Response System. You can find a bit about it by reading up on it from the following links.

Or if you are interested in buy one you can find one here.

I got that site from the BBBonline page…so they got a good track record. AND they happen to be one of the cheapest systems available (that I found).

Because I care…

The Magick in Saying Hello

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Looking around the Van at Cades Cove Those who can not see that there is magick in mundane life, are not living life to its fullest potential. Magick is all around us, and it does not really take all that much to see it. I’m not talking about pretty colored leaves that have fallen into the creek, and I’m referring to the autumn leaves that have turned color, but have not fallen, but there is magick in that as well. No, I’m talking about talking…

A simple hello and a smile can make a dim day bright, even if that hello is too a stranger. On a recent trip to Cades Cove with the family Lakota and I sat in the back of the van with the door open. When we passed by random hikers, bikers, and people riding horseback we talked to them. Most of the time it was little more then a How-dee-doo but at other times we asked them relevant questions to the days outing, like whether or not they saw the giraffe a few miles back, or if they got any cool pictures of the elephant. It didn’t matter that neither giraffe nor elephant were there to see or get pictures of, what mattered was the friendly way in which we asked. Friendly, polite, and with a sincere smile…

We passed two ladies on bikes and wished them the bestest of days. A very short way up from them we passed two guys. We pointed to the ladies a ways back and said they may do well to ride as team and make new friends. The ladies were glad to give us their hellos, and from the looks of the guys, they thought the idea I gave was a grand one.

A bit later we passed by some nice people on horseback. We called them cowboys, took their picture, and waved as if we were old friends. I could see them smiling broader as we drove away then when we drove up. On some level, we helped make their day a better one.

There was a nice couple with the largest lens we’ve ever seen, and asked them if they shot anything nice. They said “not yet” so we wished them luck…and I hope they got lucky.

A little girl riding her bike was wished well too, though that wish was likely foundered as she nearly crashed into the van while spitting expletives…though maybe had we not said hello, she’s have fallen, and made her day a bad one. Who can really know for sure.

All in all, we talked to at least 30 people, and of those 30 people 29 smiled, and I really do like those odds, and each of those 30 people made my day a little brighter, so I hope that my smile also brightened their day. Have you said hello to a stranger lately?

If not, then spread the magick…

Weight Loss for the whole family

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

I’m not fat, I’m not even really overweight in a bad way, but I do have a few unneeded pounds accumulating around the midsection that I’d just assume do away with. Other members of the family are in the same bloated boat that I am in, so we all got together to start a group game of diet and exercise. The goals are simple, to lose a bit of weight without the use of pills or surgery, and to keep it fun we are making it not only a group thing, but a game!

 We are going to base the weight loss on percents like they do on those TV shows and while I’m not sure of the prizes, I know that something like this should help to keep all of our interests in check, at least enough to reach a few of our lower goals.

 I started out at 160 and my final goal is 130-140 and then to maintain that while I become fit and tone a little.  I’ve already lost 2 pounds, but then maybe I haven’t…I tend to fluctuate in about an 8 pound spread. Regardless though, I do plan on getting that average down to at least 135 and keeping it that way. Four years ago, and for over 10 years before that I weighed in at 127 on average and had a 27 inch waist…the 160 I’m carrying around now comes with a 31 inch waist. I want a 30 personally, as jeans are MUCH easier to find in that size. At least one of my personal goal prizes will be a new pai of jeans.

 My Mom, Cyndi, and Lakota have all lost weight, as has Shannon & Amanda…I’m trilled for us all and will be rooting for the entire team as we loss together. I also look forward to walking on cool evenings with Cyndi, and on Wednesdays with Lakota. I’m not sure what their goals or prizes are, but I’ll pitch in to help get them if it’s needed…as it is needed.

Perpetual Motion

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Perpetual Motion
Chris come this way
Chris come that
Get your shirt on
Grab your hat
Got things to do
In a short time
So grab your stuff
And get in line
Chris come this way
Chris come that
Get your shoes
Forget about that
Got a million things
For you in store
When you get through
I’ve a few more
Chris come this way
Chris come that
Get all your things
Wherever they’re at
Don’t dillydally
And do not waver
I have one more
Itty-bitty favor
So Chris come this way
Chris come that
There are things to do
Wherever you’re at

 My life has been overly hectic over the last few weeks as I have prepped my Mothers house for her to move in, helped her move in, fixed, mended, installed, and built the things shes needed. I’ve been out to eat more times in the last month then I’ve been in the last year, been to more stores looking for curtains, brackets, and shelves then I think I’ve been in my entire life, and have installed more “things” then I think any normal person should.

 While all that busy work has it’s rewards and while I am more then happy to do it and do more, I can not help feeling worn out, as while I am doing all of that I am trying to maintain my own set of chores which have often gone by the wayside.

 Its important that my Mother is happy down here in the home that Cyndi and I picked for her. It is a wonderful place, but it does need work. I know that most of it is done, and I look forward to it’s completion. Though I also know that I’ll soon be moving my sister into her apartment, and shortly after that my Father will be down with more stuff and more stuff to do.

 As long as the chickens are fed, laundry is done, and I get to sleep in the arms of the woman I love I know it’ll all be OK…I’ll just be a bit tired.