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Keeping your occult hidden

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Leading a magickal life can sometimes lead to living a mundane life that needs far too much explaining. If you are not going all out with your magick and would like to keep the majority of your occult things ‘hidden’ here are a few tips…

Herbs and Spices:

Keep your herbs in the kitchen on your “spice rack” if you cook some fancy meals now and again very few people will question why that section of your cupboard is packed full, though I do suggest that you keep the ones that are not all that wise to cook with in the back, as it would a bit hard to explain why your belladonna is next to your allspice.

Rock Collection:

Many people now-a-days collect stones, feel free to be one of them! However, it may help if you know not only their vibration levels, but also a few mundane facts about them (like where they came from, or their fancy Latin names)

Transforming the library:

Many of the used bookstores have cheap books, and some even have free bins. Grab some of the drabber titles and remove the covers to them. Now take the covers and put over your own occult collection. This should keep most people from even bothering to ask if they can borrow them.

You can mix in astrology books with astrology books with little effort without much explaining. Likewise, a handful of ceremonial books can be placed next to other biblical text without much cause for alarm. Numerology books could also pass for math books if you happen to have the option to pull that one off.

Reference books also tend to not warrant much concern by the average scanning of a bookshelf. Though you will need to pay attention to the book titles as an encyclopedia of herbs can get stuck in with cookbooks, but a “magickal encyclopedia” likely can not.

Books behind books are another method if you have deep enough shelves to allow it. If that is not an option the top (or bottom) of your closet, or inside of a chest is a good place to stash such literary works.

I’d try to stay away from putting your books at a friends house though, as that is just a bad idea which can lead to ‘whose book is who’s”.

Your magickal journals can often be placed in the open as well, assuming they are not bound in human flesh or adorned with magickal writing.

Aromatherapy and candles:

A candle collection is not going to raise many questions, and if it does make sure you call up the person asking the next time there is a power outage.

Incense and oils can be explained away through Aromatherapy or simply because “they smell nice” as many people use such things that have little or nothing to do on an esoteric level. However, I suggest that your house does not smell like an incense factory, as people may start to think you are smoking pot…
Tarot, runes, and fortunetelling:

Replace your tarot deck with playing cards, or hide it as per the library tips above.

Dice and Dominoes make fine replacements for such things as Runes, and in many cases are just as effective.
Other forms of Divination:
One can use a needle and thread as a pendulum rather then a stone on a chain, but if you simply must use the latter, place it with your “rock collection” and say you have no idea what it’s for and that you simply liked the pretty pointy stone.

A bowl with a few drops of ink can make a workable black mirror.

Ebooks and the computer:
Technomancy is alive and well when it comes to hiding things. One can pick up a thumb drive pretty cheap from most stores these days. The thumb drive is easily hidden, and can hold hundreds of online resources to be used offline.

Ritual Tools:
Mundane items as seen in previous tips can be used in magick, your tools are no exception. Kitchen knives for the Athame for instance, and while you are in the kitchen, feel free to put that mortal and pedestal up in your herb shelf.

A bell on the mantel will not raise many questions assuming it does not have pagan symbology all over it.

Hang that sword up on your wall, if you have a matching shield people will just think you are into Renaissance Faires. Staves can be placed next to the front door to be called a “walking stick” to your friends and family.

Jewelry (rings, necklaces, pendants, pentacles, etc) can be placed in your jewelry box, as few people look there unless they are planning to rob you.

Altar clothes in your linen cabinet, and robes in your closet are sometimes nice hiding places, as often times the best place to hide something is out in the open…

Angels of Technomancy

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Angels of Technology

~ A ~
Adrai ~ Used in the Conjuration of Ink and Colors
Alimon ~ Protects against Gunshots and sharp instruments
Ampharool ~ Instant Travel
Anaireton ~ Used in the Ink & Colors Conjuration
Angerecton ~ Fumigation
Arad ~ Protector of Religion & Science
Arathron ~ Alchemy, Magick, and Medicine
Asiel ~ Detects thieves and hidden treasure
Asmoday ~ Math and Invisibility
Asmoeus ~ Inventor of the Carousel (music, dancing, and drama)
Athamas ~ used in the Ink and Color Conjuration
Awar ~ An angel of Lubricity (not sure if this is Lubrication or Pornography)
Azazel ~ Eye makeup

~ B ~
Baglis ~ Measures and Balances
Belphegor ~ Discoveries and inventions (speaks French)

~ C ~
Colopatiron ~ “sets prison cells open”
Crocell ~ Geometry

~ D ~
Damabiah ~ Navel construction
Daniel ~ Lawyers

~ E ~
Exael ~ Engines of war, whitesmithing, and perfume

~ F ~
~ G ~
~ H ~
~ I ~
~ J ~
~ K ~
~ L ~

~ M ~
Mefathiel ~ “opener of doors”
Metrator ~ Concerning the needle and other Iron instruments
Mumol ~ Used in the consecration of pen & ink

~ N ~

~ O ~
Omael ~ Chemists

~ P ~
Penemue ~ Taught men how to write with pen and paper

~ Q ~

~ R ~
Rosabiel ~ Genius of Metal

~ S ~
Simulator ~ Used in the conjuration of Ink and Color
Stimulator ~ (Solomon) Used in the exorcism of Ink

~ T ~
Tamaii ~ Used in the Conjuration of Ink and Color
Teiazel ~ Letters, artists, and librarians
Tilonas ~ Used in the Conjuration of Ink and Colors

~ U ~
Umabel ~ Physics and Astronomy

~ V ~
~ W ~

~ X ~
Xaphan ~ Has an inventive mind & likes fires

~ Y ~

~ Z ~
Zianor ~ Used in the conjuration of Ink and Colors
Zikiel ~ Comets and Sparks (lightning)

Angels of Nature

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Angels of Nature
~ A ~

Achaiah ~ Discoverer of the secrets of Nature
Adjuchas ~ Genius of Rocks
Adnarel ~ Ruler of Water
Af Bri ~ Ruler of Rain
Agares ~ (fallen) Earthquakes
Alftha ~ Dominion over the North
Alpiel ~ Fruit trees
Altarib ~ Winter (can be summoned)
Amabiel ~ Winter
Amatiel ~ Spring
Amezyarak ~ Root cutters
Anifiel ~ “prince of water”
Anahita ~ Fertilizes, Water, & Fruitfulness of the earth
Anpiel ~ Protector of birds
Araqiel ~ Teacher of the signs of the earth
Arariel ~ Over the waters of the earth ~ Helps in catching fish
Archan ~ Dominion over the rays of the moon
Arias ~ Rules over sweet smelling herbs
Attarib ~ Ruler of Winter
Aufiel ~ Dominion over Birds
Azaradel ~ Teacher of the motions of the moon
Azariel ~ Governs water & the Masions of the Moon
Azer ~ Element of Fire

~ B ~
Baradiel ~ One of two Angels of Hail
Barakiel ~ Lightning
Baraqijal ~ (fallen) Teacher of Astrology
Barbatos ~ (fallen) Bird songs & the future
Bardiel ~ One of two Angels of Hail
Barman ~ Over all the animals except for Man
Behemiel ~ Dominion over tame beasts
Ben Nez ~ (shape of a hawk) Dominion over Wind (stops the South Wind)
Berekeel ~ Seasons

~ C ~
Cahet(h)el ~ Increases/Improves crops
Caracass ~ Spring (one of three)
Causub ~ A serpent charming angel
Chairoum ~ Evaporation through fire
Charbiel ~ Dryness – Dried flood waters
Ctariel ~ Winter (one of two)

~ D ~
Dara ~ (Persian) Rains and Rivers
Domiel ~ The four elements

~ E ~
Eirnilus ~ Dominion over fruit
Elemiah ~ Water travels (boats)
Elimelech ~ Summer
Elimiel ~ Moon
Elomeel ~ Seasons
Ezeqeel ~ Augury from Clouds

~ F ~

~ G ~
Gauriil Ishliha ~ Makes sure the Sun rises each morning
Gaviel ~ Summer (one of three)
Gavreel ~ Keeps from going crazy at night
Gazardiel ~ Rising and Setting of the Sun
Gidiaijal ~ Luminary of the Seasons

~ H ~
Habu(h) ~ Agriculture and fecundity (that’s fruitfulness of the earth )
Harudha ~ (Persian) Ruler of the element of Watr
Hasmodai ~ A Spirit of the Moon
Haurvatat ~ “wholeness” Spirit of Water, Vegetation, and Health
Heiglot ~ Angel of Snowstorms
He’el ~ An angel of one of the seasons (no clue which one)
Helayaseph ~ Head of the thousands, an angel of the seasons
Hemah ~ Dominion over the death of domestic animals
Huznoth ~ Called to in the Evocation of Water

~ I ~
Iahmel ~ Dominion over Air
Iaqwiel ~ An angel of the Moon
Ilaniel ~ Dominion over fruit trees
Isda ~ Provides nourishment to Humans

~ J ~
Joel ~ Asked Adam to name all living things

~ K ~
Kakabel ~ Dominion over the stars and constellations & instructs in astrology
Keal ~ Angel of Seasons
Kutiel ~ Use in divining rods

~ L ~
Levanael ~ Spirit of the moon
Luel ~Use in divining rods

~ M ~
Meadim ~ “stands near the moon in order to warm the earth”
Mael ~ An angel of the Water Triplicity
Maguth ~ Chief of the Air Angels
Mah ~ (Persian) Mutations of the Moon
Maktiel ~ (fallen) Dominion over trees
Manakel ~ Dominion over aquatic animals
Mashleh ~ Equated with Chaos & produced the four elements
Matarel ~ Angel of Rain
Meleyal / Melejah ~ Angel of Autumn
Melkiel ~ An angel of the Seasons (one of four)
Meresin ~ Lord of Thunder & Lightning
Milkiel ~ Rules over Spring
Mtniel ~ Dominion over Wild Beasts (one of three)

~ N ~
Nachiel ~ Sun in Leo
Nadiel ~ Migration
Nahaliel ~ Running streams
Nathanael ~ Angel over the element of Fire
Nelchal ~ (fallen) Teaches Astronomy, Geography to Demons
Nogah ~ “stand above the Sun to cool the Earth”

~ O ~
Och ~ governs the Sun
Ofaniel / Ofan ~ Dominion over the Moon / Wheel of the moon
Orifiel ~ Wilderness
Ouestucati ~ Brings the sea wind

~ P ~
Pabael ~ Spirit of the messages of the moon
Phorlakh ~ Angel of Earth
Phul ~ Lord of the moon, powers of the moon, and lord of water
Pi-Joh ~ Governs the moon
Primeumaton ~ Used in the Exorcism of Water

~ Q ~

~ R ~
Raamiel ~ Dominion over Thunder
Rahtiel ~ Constellations
Ramiel ~ (fallen) Dominion over Thunder
Rashiel ~ Dominion over whirlwinds and earthquakes
Ridda ~ Prince of Rain in command of the element of water
Rimmon ~ A Babylonian Thunder god
Rosabis ~ Genius of metal
Ruchiel ~ Over Wind

~ S ~
Saaphiel ~ Hurricanes
Sachluph ~ Gemius of controlling plants
Sahariel ~ Ruler of the Sky
Samuil ~ Dominion over Earth
Sawael ~ Whirlwind
Saturn ~ Angel of Wilderness
Schiekron ~ Bestial love
Seeliah ~ Dominion over vegetables (psalm 93)
Sarakel; ~ Dominion over fruit bearing trees
Seraph ~ Dominion over Fire
Seriel ~ (fallen) Teaches man the signs of the moon
Seruf ~ Prince of Fire
Shakziel ~ Dominion over Water Insects
Shalgiel ~ Dominion over snow
Sislau ~ Genius of Poison
Sofiel ~ Ministers to garden fruit and vegetables
Sokath ~ Spirit of the Sun
Spugliguel ~ Head of the Sign of Spring
Sui’el ~ Dominion over Earthquakes
Suphlatus ~ Genius of Dust
Suroth ~ Over the harmonies of vegetable nature
Susabo ~ Genius of Voyages

~ T ~
Tarquam ~ Governs Autumn (one of two)
Tebliel ~ Dominion over Earth
Teiaiel ~ Maritime Expeditions
Tephros ~ Brings darkness, field fires, and cures fevers
Tharsis ~ Governs the element of water
Thegri ~ Dominion over beasts (bull god)
Torquaret ~ Head of Autumn
Trgiaob ~ Over water fowl and creeping things
Trsiel ~ (Merkabah Mysticism) Dominion over Water
Tsaphiel ~ Angel of the Moon
Tubiel ~ Head of Summer’s Sign

~ U ~
Umabel ~ Dominion over Physics & Astronomy
Uwala ~ Invoked at the eclipse of the sun or moon

~ V ~
Varcan ~ Dominion over the Sun, King of Air angels
Vehuiah ~ First rays of the Sun
Vionatraba ~ Spirit of the Sun
Vngsursh ~ Summer Equinox, protection from the evil eye

~ W ~
~ X ~

~ Y ~
Yabbashael ~ Dominion over Earth
Yahriel ~ Dominion over Moon
Yurkemi ~ Angel of Hail

~ Z ~
Za’afiel ~ (fallen) Storm Winds, an Angel of Destruction
Zafrire ~ Morning Spirit
Zalbesael ~ Over the rainy season
Zavael ~ Dominion over whirlwinds

Recession and a Magick Garden

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

I recently started a thread on Occult Corpus on Recession and the price of Vegetables, and while that thread was posted in the Homesteading forum there are magickal applications which can and do apply to the mindset of gardening, especially in times like these.

I am grateful now, more then ever, that I have moved out of the big city to live a simple life here with Cyndi. In the city there was really no option for a garden. There was no option for living off the land, there was no option for eating unprocessed food… but had times gotten much harder I may have been eating that cat food to make it through the next day.

The price of cat food is lower then buying canned human food. Likewise, it is now cheaper to by canned human food over making things from scratch. That fact is upsetting, but it’s also not an absolute fact. On can start a garden and off set much of the prices one finds in the grocery store.

Where does that leave me? Well, it leaves me appreciating that 85×60 foot garden out back just full of veggies. It leaves me with a taste for fresh eggs, and rooster meat. It leaves me with the money saved from not needing to waste gas on the next trip to the grocery store.

It also can go much deeper then your wallet. It can have a spiritual significance as well. By digging your hands into the earth, you can become one with the land. By planting seeds you become akin to the creator. By tending the plants you can provide, not only for yourself, but for the garden. By harvesting all that is sewn you not only save a few dollars, but you also have the fruits (or in ts case, veggies) of your labor.

If you have ever given a sacrifice to the greater spirits and they were happy, imagine the elation of using something you grew yourself! The rituals you use your own creations in will become more powerful, and the appreciation of such sacrifices by those you are offering too will also be seen in the final outcomes of your spells, prayers, and requests.

So whether or not you have a green thumb, plant something that you’ve grown, and you just may find you’ve grown spiritually as well.

Street Light Interference Syndrome

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

There is a lady from Telscombe Cliffs, near Brighton, claims that she sporadically has the power to make lights flicker or outright blow (source). She says that on a bad day she has even caused her freezer to defrost leaving a pool of water on the floor of her kitchen. This phenomenon actually happens to a lot of people, or at least a lot of people believe that it happens to them. I am actually one of those people, or at least used to be.

 Growing up, if a light blew out in the house, there was a good chance I was there. I’ve had several brand new watches stop, and used to mess up the register at Radio Shack, to the point of the employees actually making jokes about it (I used to walk to radio shack to get batteries at least once a week, heh, I was in the battery club!).

 I’ve mentioned this effect on several forums, and there are several people that the same thing seems to happen too. Coincidence? Well, most skeptics seem to think so. They blame faulty wiring, bad timers, and happenstance on the effects. Though, if it’s some type of strange electrical issue  why does it seem to only effect certain individuals? That is a question I can not answer…

 It goes by one of a few names, two of which seem to have the same origin, the short version being Street Light Interference syndrome, or SLI, the second is a bit more Sci-Fi as it’s called Sliders (Street Light Interference Data Exchange Receiver), and is discussed in several parapsychologist circles (search for either term).  The other term is High Voltage Syndrome (HVS) and seems to be a bit more powerful in that those with such an affliction(?) can power a light bold by grasping it tightly.

 According to one article these effects have been recorded as far back as 1837, though sadly I can not seem to find any government studies that deal with any of the syndromes. Regardless though, reading the various articles on the subject that can be found on the web are fun to read. And personally, I feel that such a thing is possible, as there are simply too many people such things happen too to truly disbelieve.