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The Gay Ghost of the George Hotel

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Someone recently sent me a humorous article from about a group of paranormal investigators that looked into some ghostly activity at The George Hotel in North Norfolk (UK).

The article reads like every other ghastly investigation and mentions the normal EMF meters, laser thermometers, camcorders, and of course night vision. It talks about whether or not specks of light were orbs or dust, hair standing on end, and even the tugging on belts and hair. Ya know, the typical ghost hunter type stuff.

Near the end they talk about a waiter that when attempting to get into the dry storage room some ghost starts yanking on the zipper of his pants. Enough to give a snicker, right?

You betcha! Especially when the article ends with the undead culprit being a male that used to work in the bakery…apparently trying to get a piece of tail, even in the afterlife.

I wonder if anyone would be willing to give it a go on some reality show for the playboy channel, or maybe even While I’m not all that interested in homosexual activity, though ghostly activity is something I like, so I would like to know the outcome of such an event ;) Of course, I’d not mind finding a straight ghost willing to tug on my trousers…