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Friday, August 20th, 2010

UP *****

This movie would have gotten all 5 stars, but I kept that last one off based on it simply being WAY to sad for my tastes. Would you believe it actually brought tears to my eyes twice in the first 18 minutes alone?

Its a story of a boy that falls in love with a girl to whom he makes a promise to put a house on Wonder Falls (which is in South America, which is just like America, but south). He can not fufill this promise until he is rather old, and along the way he finds he has to keep an eye out for a young Scout, a talking dog, and a strange bird. Together this unlikely group has to battle a world famous adventurer and the rest of his ‘talking dogs’.

All in all it is a great movie, but it is SERIOUSLY sad! So if you watch it, keep a box of tissue nearby you may find you need it.

It is fun for the entire family though, as my 5 year old grandson sat through the entire movie twice and watched it all the way through both times.

Official Site: UP
Netflix: UP
It is available for instant viewing on Netflix!