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Starting a new forum

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I am seeking to start a forum for my homesteading site ( and have tried several free forum platforms but dislike most of them for various reasons. The only forums that have everything I need would be ones I actually need to pay for. That’s IPB, which I do not really care for from a members viewpoint, and the other is vBulletin, which I actually like all the way around (cept maybe price).

Its current price is $195 without any bells and whistles, and I have only about half of that, so I was hoping to find a select few people that would be willing to help come up with the other half. This does not include the annual hosting (which will need to be increased with the addition of a forum) or the domain name (which I we actually have anyway because of the main homesteading blog).

If you would be willing to help out by any means let me know.

Graphics, web design (Actually, server side, and/or front end experience with vB are pretty much a must). Mods will likely also be needed, but I am holding off at this time (and will likely promote members that seem worthy).

Cost is really the big issue, so I am going to offer up Gold Memberships for full price, but with extended benefits.

The price for gold will initially be set at $20 and will be for one year, but if you are willing to take the chance and pay before the forum is actually set up, I’ll double that time! (In fact, if you wish to pay more then $20 I’ll double any time offered, as in, four years for $40). So in effect I will actually give a full year of Gold Membership for $10, which generally would only last 6 months.

The perks you will get are as follows…
- Custom User Title
- Access to the Benefactor Forum
- The ability to ‘vote’ for changes
- Larger Avatar
- Ability to upload/download attachments
- 500 Private messages
- Ability to ignore PM quotas
- Thread prefixes (read more)
- Larger profile image
- Board Member ‘rank’ title
- ONE name change (optional)
- The ability to create Social Groups
- You’ll never see ads on the site

I am also pondering having a silver membership which would be less then what you’d get above…but I’ll not put that into effect till the board is up.

Another usergroup I have been considering is Plantinum, which would have all the above perks, plus access to the moderators social board, and greater input into the site. This membership will likely be set to $50 annually, so if you are interested, let me know (and I’ll again, set it for two years rather then the base one year).

Additionally, ANYONE that donates ANY amount will be notified once the forum is started so that you can help set the place up by giving board suggestions and additional input on things like skins, images, and the like.

Again, I can not do this until I can get at least 5 or 6 members…so you can either pay now and hope for the best, or shoot me a note and pay once I have collected enough members. If you pay me now and I can not get additional members in a month, I’ll send your money back. But please do consider this, as I think the addition of a forum will greatly help…

You can contact me at (which is also my paypal email)