October 11, 2005

Well, after a year of not having access to my page I've gotten my very own domain name (YAY 4 ME). I'm pretty sure that a few of my links point back to my old page, so if you find one, then feel free to let me know! I'll be adding new content as time permits, for now though, it's all the things you know and love!



March 2, 2005

I've updated again, not all that much, just the top two articles in both the Necronomicon section & the Occult Articles section. I've had a few people sign my guest book so YAY! *smirk*

The "Sigil's with a Cause" site now has one entry, and should likely have one or two more shortly as I've been having people inquire about it as of late. I've also been slowly updating my livejournal...though not nearly as often as I likely should be.

On a personal update, I've been talking to a really cute girl online (the same one that wrote the two AP articles) and we are getting along GREAT! I'm really looking forward to going down to meet her in a few weeks.

You can also look forward to seeing a few pics of me under the "a bit about me" section as I've uploaded a butt load of them and just have to make a page for them now.

As always, enjoy...


http://pub20.bravenet.com/guestbook/1649393325/ http://www.bravenet.com/


January 19, 2005

Welcome Back,

I've added a few links over the last couple of weeks I hope they are too your liking. Every other Saturday I attend a group where we share our collected information. Most of the people are complete novices but are learning rather well. The majority of the links I have here are from the hand outs I give to that group so they only contain the most basic of information.

Down in "A bit about me" I added links to my Live journal (which I should be updating a bit more, and a link to an article I wrote in the style of 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' for my hometown of Battle Creek. I also removed the link to my other homepage and replaced it with just my Poetry as that is about the only thing there that even remotely relates to the Occult.

Nobody was signing my guest book so that was removed *shrug* Either way, I hope you enjoy my updates.

EDIT: (1-26) People now wanna sign it *sigh*




I am Qryztufre and this is my attempt at a web page. I hope that you find it entertaining, informative, and beneficial. The original concept of the page was to get my Occult ASCII art out in the open. To flesh the site out a bit I've added random replies I've submitted to Occultforums.com and other forums sites.

About every other Saturday I attend a group learning session comprised of a handful of friends and myself. I've converted many of the things I've shared with them as HTML files so that you, the viewer, may also benefit from my "armchair occultist" points of view.

I've also listed random links and libraries that I've collected/copied from various sources. If you find a link that is "dead" please feel free to email me and I'll get it removed/updated ASAP (as in maybe I'll think about bothering to get back into my files, as I'm notoriously lazy).

I take ASCII requests, while I might not be able to get what you want, I may try. Just send me your request (PM on Occult Forums, or EMAIL). If you have any suggestions for things I could add to this site, please, let me know.