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Notes on the Covenant

All references about the Watcher have been excluded, as that is a different covenent all together. If you'd like to know more information about the Watchers then feel free to check out my page on them (but even then, I do not go into very much detail about their covenant). This page is dedicated to the agreements between the Gods and Man.


In book three of the Magan Text it gives what is likely the most detailed explanation of the Covenant.

Of the Forgotten Generations of Man

And was not Man created from the blood of KINGU
Commander of the hordes of the Ancient Ones?
Does not man possess in his spirit
The sees of rebellion against the Elder Gods?
And the blood of Man is the Blood of Vengeance
And the blood of Man is the Spirit of Vengeance
And the Power of Man is the Power of the Ancient Ones
And this is the Covenant
For, lo! The Elder Gods possess the Sign
By which the Powers of the Ancient Ones are turned back
But Man possesses the Sign
And the Number
And the Shape
To summon the Blood of his Parents.
And this is the Covenant.
Created by the Elder Gods
From the Blood of the Ancient Ones
Man is the Key by which
The Gate if IAK SAKKAK may be flung wide
By which the Ancient Ones
Seek their Vengeance
Upon the face of the Earth
Against the Offspring of MARDUK.
For what is new
Came from that which is old
And what is old
Shall replace that which is new
And once again the Ancient Ones
Shall rule upon the face of the Earth!
And this is too the Covenant!

It goes on about the Decent of Ishtar and how Ereshkigal lets her pass each gate in accordance with the Covenant. The Necronomicon version is slightly different then that though it does have many similarities.

In the very beginning of the book (1st Testimony from the Mad Arab) it has an Arra (a 5-pointed star) followed by:

...the first is the sign of our Race from beyond the Stars, and is called ARRA in the tongue of the Scribe who taught it to me, an emissary of the Elder Ones. In the tongue of the eldest city of Babylon, it was UR. It is the Sigil of the Covenant of the Elder Gods, and when they see it, they who gave it to us, they will not forget us. They have sworn!

The Book of the Entrance and of the Walking, as well as the Incantations of the Gates both speak of the Covenant. The priest MUST do the rituals correctly and in order as it is put down in the Covenant; else thou art surely lost. The incantations themselves each contain the lines...

<god/ess name> <god title> Remember!
In the Name of the Covenant sworn between Thee and the Race of Men,

It is said in near the end of the Entrance and of the Walking that the laws were written so that none should be able to walk though the abyss unless one has first passed through all of the gates. (Where it also hints at more gates then shown in the book!)

In the Book of Calling it is said that the Seal of the Covenant was given to the Priests of the Flame and that they are the ones that sealed the gates between this world and the next though, this may be an entirely different Covenant.

It is apparently written in the covenant that one must never try to 'free a spirit' or 'more the bones of the dead', as it breaks the ancient laws and should bring the curse of generations upon the priest.

According to the 50 names, should you wanna know more then I can teach you call upon...

ARANUNNA -- Understands the Magical Covenant and the secrets of the Gates.

IRKINGU -- Captured Kingu so that Marduk could create man, and seal the Covenant.

KINMA -- Ensures that the Gods stay within the confines of the Covenant.

The 2nd Testimony the Mad Arab speaks of making sure that your Sacrifice is of the correct size, and that the Scorpion Man can only be summoned at night (for it is written that he can not rise his head above the sun).

I'll end by quoting from the Mad Arab once more (from the Urilia Text)...

And a man may cry out, what have I don't, and my generation that such evil shall befall me? And it mean nothing, save that a man, being born, is of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones, but has the Spirit of the Elder Gods breathed into him. And his body goes to the Ancient Ones, but his mind is turned towards the Elder Gods, and this is the War which shall be always fought, unto the last generation of man; for the World is unnatural. When the Great KUTULU rises up and greets the Stars, then the War will be over, and the World be One.

Such is the Covenant of the Abominations and the End of this Text.



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