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Entering the Underworld

A preliminary read would be Entering the Netherworld. Once that is read you will notice who/what is called upon in entering the netherworld as a mortal. The commentary that goes with this transliteration is fascinating to say the least. A good read for anyone looking into the 'other gates' within the Necronomicon.

Another good read, for any looking for gate names would be the transliteration of the Decent of Inana where the 7 gates are explained a bit more and the clothing that is worn by her is specified.

Gilgamesh, Enkidu and the netherworld also discusses entering the netherworld as a 'mortal' and while it does not really go into detail, it may give a bit more insight.

One may also want to try finding the marriage of Nergal and Ereshkigal where it mentions briefly how Nergal gets in. You'll have to find this one on your own, as I can't seem to find my copy of the link (from a site I actually like). Though, here is an excerpt from it:

He let Nergal in through the first, the gate of Nedu.
He let Nergal in through the second, the gate of Enkishar.
He let Nergal in through the third, the gate of Endashurimma.
He let Nergal in through the fourth, the gate of Enuralla.
He let Nergal in through the fifth, the gate of Endukuga.
He let Nergal in through the sixth, the gate of Endushuba.
He let Nergal in through the seventh, the gate of Ennugigi.

The information provided in the stories above pertain to the actual gates into the underworld and may or may not have anything to do with what is being discussed in the comparable text within the Necronomicon (crossing the abyss/the 8th gate[sphere]).

It should be said that the gates that I listed above sound more like a reference to the Gatekeepers rather then the gates themselves. Though, this is my personal belief based on most of them starting with "EN" being "LORD". And reference to the gatekeepers in the other stories it has Neti as the "chief gatekeeper" rather then just "gatekeeper".



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