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The 50 names of Marduk
A comparison

I have taken the time to look up the fifty names of Marduk within the Necronomicon, and the Enuma Elish and have combined them as best as I was able into one concise list. I have not worked with any of the individual entities on a personal level so your experiences may vary.

If you would like to discuss any of the fifty names then feel free to check out the Occult Corpus thread: Concerning the fifty names

Forward notes:
I have abbreviated the Necronomicon as Nec and mainly refer to the ancient tablets as Text.

Variations in spelling are in (parentheses) the first name in all cases is taken from Text.

Where names do not match the numbers the number I use the one listed in the Text, and the one that belongs in the Nec will be placed in [brackets].

Where names coincide with a preceeding name I have seperated them with underscores.


(01) Marduk
Marduk is the Name of Names, the name given to Marduk at birth and as such is an actual Godform above all the others. Marduk as a godform has far more power then any of the following names and has many of their combined attributes. Use this name at your own risk.

MARUKKA appeases the Igigi and pleases the Anunnaki for he knows their hearts (and secrets). He is stubborn to summon and should only be called by the purest of heart. He can assist in discovering secrets for little is known that he does not know.

MARUTUKKU holds the Arra and sealed the Ancient ones in their caves. He is a protector spirit and if given praise may assist the priest in protective magicks for the home, hearth, and self.

BARASHAKUSHU took hold of his reins and controls himself, but the priest should likely not fear, as he is also a kind-hearted spirit, and may work miracles out of the kindness of his heart.

This entity is a King (Lugal) who is exalted as a god as his fathers. LUGALDIMMERANKIA is Commander of the Wind Demons and that he has quelled the troubled waters. He fought beside Marduk Kuros in the great war and his considered a lord in heaven as well as in the underworld.

This is the Watcher of the Gods as he knows the ways into and out of both the heavens and the Underworlds, so none may pass without his knowing. He is Sub-Commander of the Wind Demons under LUGALDIMMERANKIA. The gods themselves may fear his name and he will gladly be put to fight against the Demons that taunt you.

This is the first power which Anu gave to Marduk in the great assembly. He is the great light, and a mighty leader and will protect the gods and their lands. He wields the flaming sword and controls the watchers. It is unknown whether a mortal can control his power.

This is the second power which Anu gave to Marduk in the great assembly and has the power to raise the dead (both god and man). He can destroy the wayward foe and no man passes unto death without his knowing.

(09) NAMRU
This entity is the third name that Anu gave to Marduk in the great Assembly and is a being of great light and illumination. And dispenses wisdom to the priest.


ASARU, ASARUALIM, and ASARUALIMNUNNA seem to be the gift of Anshar, Lahmu, and Lahamu according to the quoted text below.
Three each of his names have Anshar, Lahmu, and Lahamu proclaimed;
Unto the gods, their sons, they did utter them:
"We have proclaimed three each of his names. (160)
Like us, do you utter his names!"
Joyfully the gods heeded their command,
As in Ubshukinna they exchanged counsels:
"Of the heroic son, our avenger,

Of our supporter we will exalt the name!"


(10) ASARU
ASARU is the great Cultivator and establishes the water levels. He is the creator of herbs and grain and can cause vegetation to grow under any condition. He will teach the Priest to plant anything that can grow.

He is the great counselor who does not fear. He gives great wisdom and shines light within the dark places.

Another great counselor, ASARUALIMNUNNA shall show no fear to either god or man. He directs the decrees of Anu, Enlil, Enki, and Ninigik and ensures their will is done. He is also has great knowledge over Armour and military matters. It is said that he can outfit an entire army in three nights.


(13) TUTU
Purifies the shrine and devises the spell so that the gods may be at rest. This entity is a great protector and can cause the ill to be at peace. He is Supreme in the assembly of gods and none are his equal.

ZIUKKINNA is the Second Name of TUTU. It is him that established the heavens (stars) and set the stars. He determines their courses and holds them on their way. His name can not be forgotten by the beclouded.

(15) ZIKU
ZIKU is the Third Name of TUTU. Praise his name and your wants may be turned to plenty as he has the power to grant riches. It is his benign breath that the priest will smell when sorely distressed.

(16) AGAKU
AGAKU is the Fourth name of TUTU. He has mercy for the Vanquished gods. It was this power that created Man and has the power over life and death (even to grant life to the dead). He has knowledge over the Amulet and Talisman as he is the lord of the Holy Charm.

(17) TUKU
TUKU is the Fifth name of TUTU. With his Holy charm and Holy Spell assisted Marduk to vanquish the Ancient Ones.



(18) SHAZU
Shazu set up the Assembly of the Gods to their appeasement. He knows the hearts of gods from the inside and can read thoughts of those at any distance. Shazu will direct justice and can detect lies. He separates the right and wrong and keeps them apart. Through his power nothing goes undetected and nothing buried or drowned escapes his sight.

(19) ZISI
ZISI is the Second Name of SHAZU. He has the power to reconcile the differences between nations, individuals (Gods or Man), and the self. ZISI enjoys the scent of peace.

SUHRIM is the Third name of SHAZU. This power uproots enemies and disrupts their plans. Show no fear to SUHRIM or he may mistake you as an enemy. He kills easily and should only be called by the most devout priest.

SUHGURIM is the Fourth Name of SHUZU. Like SUHRIM, SUHGURIM roots out enemies and can be used to not only destroy them but to disrupt their plans and product. His name should only be evoked upon the land and should be given specific instruction or he will utterly destroy that which he seeks.

ZAHRIM is the Fifth name of SHAZU. This power destroys all opponents and Disobedient. It is said that ZAHRIM can kill an entire army should their ends be evil.

ZAHGURIM is the Sixth Name of SHAZU. This power kills slowly, and one is warned against summoning him as it is said that he was destroyed as though in battle by his foes.


ENBILULU is the master of Water and of Grazing lands. It is this power which instituted the burnt-offering and opened the wells. He understands the ways of the waters and knows their currents below the earth.

EPADUN is the Second Name of ENBILULU. This power teaches man irrigation and planting. He understands the ways of the earth and the secrets of utilizing the land and if there is water to be found, EPADUN can find it.

ENBILULUGUGAL is the Third Name of ENBILULU. He has power of the crops of the earth and can help to make any garden grow. ENBILULUGUGAL can provide food for an entire city for a year within one months time. Also, as the lord of Abundance he may provide wealth to the dwelling of the priest.

(27) HEGAL
HEGAL is the Fourth name of ENBILULU. He is a master farmer and can provide abundance for consumption. It is this power which presides over the rich Rains and the governor of the wold vegetation. Hegal also has knowledge of the earth's metals and of the plow.


(28) SIRSIR**
SIRSIR carried off Tiamat with his weapon and formed her corpse into the Mountain. He is the director of land, his hair is of the Grain field, his horned cap like the furrows, and his wrath is like that of the raging sea. He is a most powerful lord.

(29) MALAH
MALAH is the Second Name of SIRSIR. He rode upon the back of Tiamat throughout the great battle and still she is his vessel as he walks the great earth. His can bestow Courage and bravery to the priest or to those the priest wishes to hold these virtues.


(30) GIL
This ancient power furnishes the seed for planting and brings for barley and millet to the land. GIL is the beloved of Ishtar and can often be quite mysterious.

(31) GILMA
This great architect is the power which built the Great hall of the Gods and granted man the knowledge to build the great temples of Ur. GILMA is the hoop that holds the barrel together and creates that which is creates all that is permanent and ever standing.

AGILMA brings the gentle rain which forms over the waters and the mighty storms which tears apart that which is askew. Like GILMA before him he is an architect for the great gods.

(33) ZULUM
This power gives counsel on business matters and can assist in all aspects of trade. ZULUM is the gardener of the Gods and knows the best times to plant all that may grow. It was ZULUM that tends to the temple and shine and it is he that grants the food-offerings.


(34) MUMMU
It was this name that sanctified Marduk to fashion the heaven and earth from the corpse of Tiamat. He knows the secrets that were known before creation and of creation itself.

ZULUMMAR is the Second Name of MUMMU. The mightiest in strength of all the Names. It was ZULUMMAR that lifted the parts of Tiamat into their places.


GISHNUMUNAB is NOT in the Necronomicon and NINNUAM is NOT in the ancient text. If anyone has dealt with NINNUAM I would be VERY pleased to hear from you about it! As such, I have maintained the numbers as (text) [NEC] all previous numbers match in both manuscripts so were left as is.


GISHNUMUNAB Created man and the worlds regions. It was this power which destroyed Kingu and his legions and who formed man from their substance.

LUGALABDUBUR assisted in the destruction of Tiamat and her forces by discovering which weapons she was creating. He fought AZAG-THOTH with skill because his defenses are suburb from both a frontal and rear attack.

This pre-eminent power is revered for his great intelligence. He has knowledge of things not yet made and of all things already created.

The Lord of the Durmah is the bond of the gods for he watches their every move. Nothing travels the starry element that he can not see.

(40) [39] ARANUNNA
ARANUNNA is a great counselor of Enki and under him. He understands the laws of the Covenant and the Nature of the Gates. No god can compare to his princely wisdom.

(41) [40] DUMUDUKU
As Lugalkuduga's primary advisor he understands the Secret name and the Secret number. In his possession the Lapis Lazuli wand has been entrusted. He will not speak of his secrets but will share his knowledge of many things magick and mundane.

(42) [41] LUGALLANNA
The strength of Anu is LUGALLANNA and he as been made supreme at the call of Anshar. As the gift of the eldest of the elder ones he remembers the time before the great battle. He understands the ways of when the Anunnaki and the Igigi were at one and will share this wisdom with the priest.

(43) [42] LUGALUGGA
This king carried off the corpses during the turmoil of the great battle. He understands the essence of all spirits living, dead, and not yet born both earthy and those from the spheres or air, earth, and wind. This wisdom he may share with the priest be it asked of him.

(44) [43] IRKINGU
Carried off Kingu after he was slain by GISHNUMUNAB so that AGAKU could form the mold of man. He gives wisdom over rulership.

(45) [44] KINMA
A great judge of the gods who promotes justice in it's many forms. He is a master of the Covenant between the gods and between the gods and man.

(46) [45] ESIZKUR
ESIZKUR sits upon a thrown within the house of prayer and accepts gifts from the gods themselves for he knows the time of death of all creatures even those not yet born. He measures all things and knows their depth and width. Four men are his emissaries.

(47) [46] GIBIL
This wisdom of GIBIL is so great that not even the eldest gods can fathom it. He is a master artisan who created great works in the time of the great battle. He knows the realms of Fire and the Forge and it is he that keeps the weapon sharp in the time of need.

(48) [47] ADDU
ADDU's thunderous roar causes the very heavens to shake and storms to muster over the wide-ranging lands. He, as MUMMU may control the storm and it is he that controls the light, even in the dark places. This power may provide sustenance for the people.

(49) [48] ASHARU
This power knows treachery before it comes to light for he governs both the future and the past. The people are truly in his charge and puts the gods in their courses for it is he that determines their cycles.

(50) [49] NEBIRU
NEBIRU holds the key to the gate between heaven and earth so that the gods must wait on him before they can cross over from the stars. He is the brilliant star in the night sky saying: "He who the midst of the Sea restlessly crosses, let 'Crossing' be his name, who controls its midst."

(0)[50] NINNUAM
This is the Power of Marduk, lord of lords. It is he who determines the dynasties of man and the laws of nations. His power is too awesome for the priest to muster.


"May they keep the stars on their course!
May they guide the gods with justice!
May they vanquish the enemies of man!
When the Days of man have grown old and Ancient Ones again rise,
May they make them recede back into the depths!
At their name may the Elder gods rejoice!
May Anu speak:
"The Lord of the Lands! May all the gods proclaim!"
May Enlil speak:
"The Lord of the Lands! May all the gods proclaim!"
May Enki speak:
"May those who the father's proclaim in name,
as I have proclaimed. Like me shall they be.
May all the rites be combines and the Covenant formed.
May the instructions be carried out.
With the title "Fifty" the great gods may they make the way supreme!"


And so the 50 names were given to Marduk, and created.

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