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---- Ishtar's Love Spell

On page 111 of the Nec there is a love spell. I have taken the liberty of translating it. As the only thing I have to work with is the shabby transliteration of what Simon had I have done my best to A) Keep in line with the "feel" of the rest of the book, and B) To try to make it make as much sense as possible.

A few notes before I begin.
To translate the verse I have used five sources.

  1. The Pensylvania Sumerian Dictionary (http://psd.museum.upenn.edu/)
  2. The Summerian Lexicon (http://www.sumerian.org/)
  3. The ETCSL (http://www-etcsl.orient.ox.ac.uk/)
  4. Glossaries/text from books I currently own.
  5. Random notes I've taken from various books at the library.

The last two sources were suplimental at best. In most instances I used the PSD and Lexicon, and only relied on my own notes when I could find nothing close to those more reliable.

YE had NO translations in ANY of my sources so I have omitted it from my translations. IMHO, it's nothing more then a sound "OH" "YEA" etc.

On line two the word XashXur had nothing similar to it in my sources so I broke it down as follows ?.ash.?.ur (as a few of my sources have an X where a word is either unknown or incomplete). This gave me ?+ONE(1)+?+loins

Several of the words when broken down had SEVERAL possible translations. I tried to run through a few of them. Many of them made no sense to me so I ignored that particular version and went to the next possible and so on, till I came up with a workable sentence.

EX: GISHNU means either Alabaster or Unnatural & URMA is either LION or Bound Slave-girl...I chose unnatural & slave-girl.

Overall the translations seemed to be more of a binding of the will rather then a 'love poem' so in cases where it may have been one or the other, I stuck with the one that seemed to coincide with the binding.

The end result of each line has been rearranged into a workable sentence via poetic license. While I may not be DEAD on I am likely DAMN close.

Lastly, I may be WRONG, that is OK...this is how I translated it. You can believe me or not. It's how I am putting it in my notes as it is the version I am happy with. I will not break it down further, so if you have any qualms about it feel free and look it up yourself

So with all that said here is my translation:

Little woman who is pure
Lady, you will take my penis unto your loins
-- as I have bound you as my unnatural slave
Until my semen dries up you shall remain
With this gift you are bound to desire
-- At my words you will take my penis into you
My instructions to you lady are like an unbroken bond
-- And you shall remain in your place
To not stand high at my side will bring my fury!

On a side note, even if I am wrong on the translations, the spell CERTAINLY is a love spell! Though, I STRONGLY suggest that NO females cast it...it binds a woman to the man, and it references the casters penis. If you are a female I fear you may be doing nothing but binding yourself to the person you wish to bind.



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