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---- The Underworld of Ereshkigal
How to get there:
* By boat (see Ninjiczida's journey to the nether world ) 
I can only assume this is similar to Cheron and the River Styx
* The 7 gates (Nurgal's marriage & Inanna decent)
* You can reach the 'heavens' in a similar fashion, seems to be the
preferred way to enter, and the only one truly in conformance with
the gods (or rules).
* At the Palace of Ganzer (ganzir?) according to the 'descent of Innana)
* Neti is the chief gatekeeper (Descent of Innana)
-- translations by myself
* the first, the gate of Nedu.
Ne.Du (This+that rises)
The gate that rises from the temple
* the second, the gate of Enkishar.
En.Ki.Shar (lord+earth+supreame)
Lord of the Great Earth
* the third, the gate of Endashurimma.
En.da.shur.im.ma (lord+with+supreame+wind+army)
Lord of the Great Winds
* the fourth, the gate of Enuralla.
En.ur.alla (Lord+great+crab)
Lord who is a great crab
* the fifth, the gate of Endukuga.
En.Du.Ku.Ga (Lord+Walks+lies down+loaded/laden)
Lord who is always laden
* the sixth, the gate of Endushuba.
En.Du.Shu.Ba (Lord+Walks+makes+(outside) soul)
Lord that helps you see your soul
* the seventh, the gate of Ennugigi.
En.Nu.Gi.Gi (Lord+to kill+pain+cries)
Lord who kills with painful cries
* Other? (Gilgamesh and the Underworld)
It is not said how Enkidu entered the underworld, but it sounds
to me like he 'broke in' by passing the gates.
What's there:
* Land   - Kurnugi (land of no return)
* City   - Erkalla or Irkalla (akk)
         - In a section of Kurnugi called Arallu
         - Arali (Aralli) ("to pulverize"+"Youthful beauty")
* Palace - Sorry, still looking. (House of Dust, House of Darkness)
Who is there:
 Ereshkigal "Queen of the Great Earth*"
  * Literal: E.RI.ESH.KI.GAL.A.LA
             E-Ri-Ish-IrKalla (queen of Irkalla, likely a typo)
  * Daughter of Anu & Nammu (mother/sea 'saltwater')
  * Namtar is her Visier
  * Beletseri is her scribe scribe (akk.)
  * Nergal is her Husband (see Nergal!)
     `-> Gugalanna, her 1st husband (2nd born of Enlil and Ninlil)
      `-> Gugalanna dies before the 'decent of Innana'
      `-> Gilgamesh killed him as "the bull of heaven"      
  * In a city(?) called Erkalla in the land of Kurnugi
      `-> (Akk.) city: Irkalla Land: Uru-gal,' I.e., ' great city,'
                 `-> (1) She was sometimes called Irkalla, as it was
                      not proper to name the 'gods of the underworld'
  * Sister (in-law?) to Ishtar, twin sister of Enki
  * Was likely once a "sky Goddess" herself before 'falling'
  * Allatu - Semitic (Akk.) form of Ereshkigal (goddess of copulation)
  * Husband to Ereshkigal
  * Son of Ea & Ishtar
  * Called Erra? While visiting Kurnugi
    `-> Erra MIGHT be a different god, but Nergal was often called this!
  * Dur - Possible Kassite name for Nergal
  *   (1) The Babylonian scholars, who were fond of plays upon words, 
       brought the name Nergal, as though compounded of Ne-uru-gal 
       (ie. 'ruler of the great city')
  * the figure of a winged lion with a human head
  * Assyrians equated him with Mars
  * His city was Cuth/Kuta/Kutha, possibly Cthulhu (Kutulu)!?!
* Erragal was god of the underworld, husband of Ereshkigal and a lover of Mami.
  `-> Possibly another name for Nergal...(can't find the actual referance)
* Belit-tseri is the tablet-scribe of the underworld. She kneels before
* Enmesharra is an Underworld god.
* Erra is a form of Erragal (Nergal) as a hunter god, a god of war and plague.
* Irra is a plague god. (Same as Erra)
* Lahmu and Lahamu were the first children of Tiamat and Apsu.
  `-> They have three pairs of curls, and are naked except for a triple sash.
* Lamashtu is a dreaded female demon known as 'she who erases'.
  `-> Possibly Lilith
* Mummu* is the craftsman god.
  `-> Apsu's Visier, now an attendant to Ea, no longer in the Underworld
* Namtar is the Fate-Cutter.
  `-> Ereshkigal's messenger and vizier, the herald of death.
  `-> He commands 60 diseases, grouped by the body parts which they affect. 
  `-> Offerings to him may stave off diseases.
* Nedu is the guardian of the first gate of the underworld.
* Ningizzia is a god of the Underworld and a guardian of the gate of heaven.
* Qingu is Tiamat's battle leader. He was defeated by Marduk.
* Sumuqan is the cattle god.
  `-> He resides in the underworld, in Ereshkigal's court.
* Tammuz was a god of agriculture. He died in midsummer, and was brought back from
  the underworld by his lover Ishtar. Tammuz was also worshipped as a sun-god by
  the Akkadians, Babylonians and Phoenicians. He was also known as Adoni, and was
  adopted by the Greeks as Adonis. (he lives there in the winter, not a real
  underworld god).
* Utu was the sun god and god of justice. He was the son of Nanna and Ningal. He
  goes to the underworld at the end of every day setting in the mountain of the
  west and rising in the mountain of the east. While in the underworld he decrees
  the fate of the dead. Utu relates to the Babylonian god Shamash. (One of
  Ereshkigal's judges at night)
* Utukki are the seven evil demons.
Why would you go?
 * Death
   You live here (on earth) once you 'die' you are sent to Ereshkigal's
   land to have your 'fate judged'. If you are deemed worthy under your
   own gods laws word is sent to the judges of your god to verify your
   worthiness. If you are found 'unworthy' by either set of judges you
   are kept in her realm, or sent to 'worse places of habitation'.
 * To visit the dead
   This is not nomrally WISE if you are mortal!
 * To speak with one of the gods
   Once again, NOT WISE! It is better to commune with the gods/goddess's through
   prayer and supplication.
Kug Ereshkigallake Zamizu Duggaam!
Ereshkigal ama Ninazuke, Zamizu Dugga!

There is a LOT more information on the underworld, this is just a basic rundown,
and a lot of it is based on my own feelings/intuition...
Ereshkigal, mother of Ninazuke, it is sweet to praise you!
Holy Ereshkigal, Sweet is your praise!
derec-ki-gal ama dnin-a-/zu\-ke4 /za3\-mi2-zu dug3-ga
kug derec-ki-gal-la-ke4 za3-mi2-zu dug3-ga-am3



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