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Legend of the Worm
Incantation of the Sick Mouth

After Anu had created the heavens,
After the Heavens had created the earth,
The Earth created the rivers,
The rivers created the brooks,
The brooks created the swamps,
The swamps created the worm.
The Worm cried before Shamash,
Before Ea came her tears: -
"What will you give me to eat,
What can I have that I may destroy?"

"I will give you dried bones, and scented wood."

"What are these dried bones to me, and scented wood!
Set me between the gums and the teeth
So I can devour the blood of the tooth and destroy their strength.
Then I can build a door within their roots.

You must say: "O Worm! May Ea smite thee with the might of his fist!"


Do the following:
Mix beer, Sa-kil-bir (a plant), and oil together.
Repeat the incantation three times and put the mixture on the tooth.


The translation of Sa-kil-bir is unknown.



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