Increasing the Sense of Hearing

Keeping healthy and the sixth sense

You should be continuing your daily walks through hearing, though through these two months youíll be focusing on sound rather then sight.

While doing the Hearing Exercises you may wish to check out Increasing Astral Speech and combine a few of the aspects as they do accent each other very nicely. Exactly how you do this is left up to you however.

Hearing: (Month 1)

Block1: Listen to all that is around you; though do not label what you hear. Notice how you feel the need to identify the noises, but do your best not too. In your notes describe the sounds, as sounds.

Block2: Play music with your mp3 player or walkman. If you do not have one, continue with block one and do this step at home with your stereo. While listening follow along with one instrument (guitar, drums, bass). Change interments weekly. In your notes just jot down how well you think you did. Use the same songs all week, so pick music you really like.

Block3: Break your name into syllables and vibrate/chant them. Take note of how the various vowels resonate and from which part of your body they emanate from as they are intoned. (Throat, head, chest, pelvic area, etc) Try different names daily. If you are walking in public places and feel silly Ďdeal with ití as itíll make you stronger. If thatís not an option then extend blocks 1 and 2 and do this one at home.

Hearing: (Month 2)

Block1: Listen to all that is around, this time identify the sounds and list them in your notes.

Block2: Listen to the same few songs and note how all the instruments interact with each other. This block works best if you pick the same music you broke down in the previous month.

Block3: Pull your headphones off and rest them around your neck. Turn the volume down till itís barely audible. Try to hear as much of it as possible. Try turning the volume down just a little bit more every day. Change songs weekly. If you skipped block3 during month one, you can continue with your extended blocks and do this exorcise at home as well.

Hearing: (extra credit)

* As with sight, talk to people, or watch them talking. Note their voices (but not what they say) Notice their tones and inflections as they speak to convey meaning. Pay attention to emotive sounds such as laughter, crying, grunting, etc.

* Listen to running water or rusting leaves in the breeze. Try to associate what you are hearing with other things (voices, whispers, running, traffic).

* Lay down in a darkened room and listen to the sounds your own body makes and take note of all that you hear. This exorcise can be fun with a friend as you listen to each otherís bodies.

* Spend a day with earplugs in.

Utilizing these exercises in your daily life can greatly improve your communication skills and help you to become a better listener in general. They will also help to improve your astral ability to hear things that are 'silent' to those not listening. So gather your thoughts and stride forward with an open mind and heart, as that is the true way to hear.

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