Dealing with Demons

The basics of Banishing

By Qryztufre

Whether or not you know who/what it is or even why it is 'after you' there are a few things one should try. I'll list them in no particular order.

1) Try Reasoning with it!

If an entity "slams you into a wall" tell it that you are NOT it's enemy. Ask it for it's name, tell it yours. TRY to befriend it! Chances are if it's "sent" after you it could care less. If you become friends with it, it may just tell the sender the job is done and come over fer a game of cards. (Or just tell it to leave, and it may).

2) Protection

If you are practicing magick of any nature you are bound to attract the attention of various entities. Most of these beings will show up out of nothing more then random curiosity. But now and again one may show up that dislikes what you are doing, or maybe another person that dislikes the path you have chosen could send one. Either way a protection or three might be in order...this protection can range from simple shielding (psionics) to evoking a spirit (servitor, angel, whatever) as a protector.

3) Bind

I've not done research on binding yet...but I hear that it works ;)
A binding is a charge disallowing an entity to harm/effect you.
Many bindings also work on your fellow man.


4) Banishings

   4a) Banish (Emotions)
Banishings can be used to quiet many things. The most common type of Banishing is against the emotions of the priest. Ill Emotions can cause one to conceive things as worse then they really are. As seen in the beginning of the Intro handout a "good" banishing starts off with a way to Center the Participant. This is to help deter such negative emotions during ritual. Centering via Banishing also helps the user to achieve his or her own godhead and allows for greater control of summoned entities later. This type of Banishing SHOULD be performed before any ritual that deals with spirits of any nature.

4b) Banish (Spirits)

A) The first thing to try here (as mentioned in 'Try reasoning with it') is give the Spirit a License to Depart (Tell it to leave). This is likely the fastest way. While it holds not true power over the entity it has fair chances of working. One should likely do a proper banishing once the spirit has left.

B) There are short & sweet banishings to be found all over the web. These range from 5 to 20 lines and can be had from any magickal path. Knowing the Lord's Prayer can be beneficial, as reciting it is a true bother to the more evilly inclined spirits. I've included two such spells in handouts (Solar Wave & a 5 line banishing at the bottom of that page).

C) The Most potent of the Banishing Rituals are the ones that incorporate many of the above aspects of Banishings. By starting off a banishing Ritual by Centering, followed by the Calling of God-Names and Holy Symbols, then ending by centering once more. Fills the Magickian with not only his or her own personal power but fills him/her with the Divine Power that no entity can shirk away from.


4c) Banishing (Other things)

Added here for completeness...Many Magickians call their spells and Rituals Banishings as long as the rite is something that is removing this or that effect. Spells such as Banishing Dept or Banishing an Asshole Boyfriend. Spells such as this should NOT be confused with the first make this error could be deadly! I personally dislike the term used in this fashion as it creates a touch of confusion.

In the end, if it was sent, you may or may not want to counter it with an attack of your own. BUT If this is what you chose to do you must keep karma in mind and be POSITIVE the person you are paying back is the person you should be.




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